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Custom Roles - Access Control & Permissions In Recruit CRMCreate roles with custom access & permission options available in Recruit CRM to control what each user can see & do within Recruit CRM
How to remove Recruit CRM branding from external pagesThis article will help you remove Recruit CRM branding from all your external pages.
How to Add Your Company Branding on Online Candidate List Submitted to ClientsThis article will guide you on how you can edit your company's branding on the "Online Candidate List" you share with your clients.
Common drop-down values for custom fieldsHere is a list of common values that you can copy-paste and use for the drop-down custom fields you create.
Texting Laws and Consent in Recruit CRMThis article will give you guidelines about what you'll need to consider before texting your candidates/clients.
How to use the job application link to get applicants directly into Recruit CRM?Use the job application link to get applicants directly into Recruit CRM from your job posts on job boards
How to generate an executive search report in Recruit CRM?This article will help you build a detailed and customized executive summary report of candidates in your pipeline in just a few clicks.
Integrating Totaljobs with Recruit CRMThis article will help you set up the integration with Totaljobs to have your jobs from Recruit CRM posted on your Totaljobs feed
Audit Log Functionality in Recruit CRMThis article will guide you on how you can navigate through the audit log feature in Recruit CRM.
How to Whitelist an IP address on Recruit CRM?Control and limit access to your Recruit CRM data by setting up trusted IP addresses for your account.
Creating title and candidate profile templates for executive search reportsCreate executive search title/ cover-page templates, candidate profile templates & candidate summary templates for your report.
Texting Candidates/Contacts in RecruitCRMText/SMS your candidates/contacts directly from RecruitCRM
Recruit CRM Mobile AppOut of the office and still need to access your data? Recruit CRM mobile app is available on both iOS and Android mobiles!
Auto-Invoice Clients based on Activities in Recruit CRMUse Zapier to connect your accounting system with Recruit CRM to let the systems automate the invoicing function
Save/Share files associated with a candidates job application with your ContactsThis article will help you upload and share candidate files associated with jobs/ job-specific files.
Resume/CV FormattingThis article will help you format Resumes/CVs within Recruit CRM
Managing Candidate Work & Education History in Recruit CRMThis article will help you understand how to edit and customize candidate Work and Education History.
Adding Work & Education History in Candidate ProfilesThis article will guide you on how to add work and education details to your candidate profiles.
Creating CV/Resume Formatting TemplatesThis article will help you create the Header, Footer, Cover Letter and Watermark templates which you can use while formatting a CV/Resume
Parent/Child Company RelationshipThis article will show you how you can create links between companies to define Parent/Child/Subsidiary relationships between them
How to Add Your Company Branding on Recruit CRM External PagesThis article will guide you through the steps to follow to add your company's branding on Recruit CRM external pages.
Pitch Candidate(s) to Contact(s)This article shows you how to pitch candidates to contacts/hiring managers without assigning them to a Job
Viewing the Candidate Sequence quickly inside a JobThis article shows you how you can get into a workflow of viewing candidates within a job in a sequence to get work done faster.
Integrating CV-Library With Recruit CRMThis article helps you post jobs added in Recruit CRM directly into your CV Library account.
Setting Up Your Public Jobs PageThe Jobs or Careers Page lets you give candidates a public page where they can apply to positions your firm is currently recruiting for.
Transferring ownership of recordsThis article will help you transfer ownership of records from active or deactivated users to other users on your team.
Creating Teams In Recruit CRMCreate teams within your company & create custom access roles to control what each user can see & generate reports for each team
Integrate Recruit CRM With Other Applications Through Zapier :)This article will help you connect Recruit CRM with 5000+ popular apps across the internet!
Creating An Automated Workflow With ZapierYou can create "Zaps" on Zapier to Integrate Recruit CRM with any other applications you use.
Linking Candidates & Contacts That Are The Same PersonSometimes a candidate can become a client or vice versa
Recruit CRM's Mention Feature Helps Your Team Collaborate FasterMention your teammates on a note to give them an email notification with a link to that record.
Sharing Candidates With Teammates/Other UsersThis article will help you share candidates & other records with your teammates including users with restricted access
Radius SearchSearch for candidates within a specific area/location using the Radius Search
Setting Up Calling In Recruit CRM
Recruit CRM API DocumentationAPI docs, Webhooks
Integrating Google/Outlook CalendarThis article will help you integrate your Google/Outlook calendar with Recruit CRM
Replacing/Reordering Fields on profile pagesThis article will help you in customizing your profile page views by replacing and recording with fields of your choice.
Passcode For Public PagesSecure public pages like Submitted Candidate Lists to Clients & Candidate Request Update Forms.
How do I Edit/Rename/Delete my hotlists?This article will help you work with hotlists in Recruit CRM and also show you how to perform different actions on your hotlists.
Showing & Hiding data fields Across forms (Candidate/Company/Contact/Job) from admin settingsThis article will help you change the visibility of fields for your entire team in Recruit CRM.
Setting up your Talent Pool pageThe Talent Pool Form lets candidates submit their profile to you even if they don't find a suitable job in your list.
Deleting HotlistsHow to delete a hotlist?
Enable Browser Setting To Make The Chrome Extension Work?Chrome Extension Is Not Working? Keeps Telling Me To Login Or Signup!
Adding Collaborators To Jobs and TasksHave multiple Recruiters/Consultants work together on a new Project/Search
Social Profile Links - Candidates/Companies/ContactsAdding social profile links to your candidates, companies & contacts
Call Recording LawsThis article will give you guidelines about what you'll need to consider before recording calls
How to Schedule A Demo?Scheduling a Demo with a product specialist at Recruit CRM
Product RoadmapThis article will show you where & how you can checkout features requested by other user.
Business PlanThis article will give more information about Business Plan features
EEO ComplianceEEO Compliance explanation
Deal SplitThis article will guide you in splitting deal amounts with teammates and teams.
Sequences within Recruit CRMIn this article, we will discuss the power of sequences for streamlined communication and task management within Recruit CRM.
How to access the XML feedThis article will guide you on how you can access the XML feed.
Task Sequencing in Recruit CRMThis article will guide you on how to create task sequence to streamline your workflow and enhance task management.
Use the native dialer to call from the systemLearn how to use the native dialer functionality to make calls from Recruit CRM but using your own calling system.
Re-pitch candidates to contactsThis article will help you keep track of all your candidate pitches.
Managing Off-Limits Records (Candidates, Companies, and Contacts)This article explains how to tag candidates/contacts/companies as "off limits" to prevent communicating with them by mistake.