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Audit Log Functionality in Recruit CRM
Audit Log Functionality in Recruit CRM

This article will guide you on how you can navigate through the audit log feature in Recruit CRM.

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You can now keep a log of actions performed by you and your team on Recruit CRM using our new Audit Log feature!

Important Notes:

1. Only users with Account Owner and Admin roles have access to the audit log.
2. This is a Business Plan exclusive feature.

3. Business Plan users can create a custom role to grant access to the audit log.

Let's talk about the time period for which audit logs are recorded.

Through audit logs, you can track actions performed on your Recruit CRM account over the LAST 30 DAYS: meaning, you will not be able to see any logs recorded 30 days prior to the present date.

Now, let's see how you can make the most out of this new feature!

To access audit logs, you need to go to the admin settings and click on "Audit Logs" under the account management section.

Once you open the Audit logs, you will be able to see information about the:

1. Module on which the action is performed (Action)

2. Name of the user performing the action (Performed By)

3. Type of action performed (Action Type)

4. Date and time when the action was performed (Date/Time)

You can sort the logs based on any of the four fields (Action, Performed By, Action Type, Date/Time) in ascending or descending order by simply just clicking on the field name.

Furthermore, you can run filters on the logs based on the four fields to narrow down your search.

You also get the option to export the audit logs by hitting the "Export to CSV" button.

Note: Any action performed using the Recruit CRM API will not be recorded in the audit logs.

This new feature will now help you keep track of all internal activities being performed on your system.

Hope this helps :)

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