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Adding/Importing/Updating Records

These articles will teach you how to add or import Candidates, Contacts, Companies & Jobs

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Product & Features

Articles About The Product, New Integrations & Feature Launches

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Everything from setting up 2-way email sync to how email works on Recruit CRM

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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

This is a collection of articles that gives you a better understanding of features you can use to manage candidates

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This is a collection of articles that will help you use Recruit CRM to manage yours contacts/leads better.

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Subscription Management

Streamline subscription handling: purchase, upgrade, or downgrade plans hassle-free

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Inviting & Managing Teammates

Everything from inviting teammates to deactivating teammates and assigning roles to them

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OnBoarding & Setting Up Recruit CRM

The Article & Videos In This Collection will help you quickly setup your Recruit CRM Account and figure out the system.

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Reports & Statistics

Deep dive into your business' operations using multiple reports

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Deleting Records

These articles will teach you how to delete Candidates, Contacts, Companies & Jobs

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AI Capabilities

Unlock the potential of AI-driven excellence in recruiting with Recruit CRM's advanced AI features.

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Notes, Tasks, Appointments & Files

These articles will teach you how to add Notes, Tasks, Appointments &Files

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Workflow Automations & Integration by Recruit CRM

Building and managing recipes using Recruit CRM’s Workflow Automation

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Hiring Manager Portal by Recruit CRM

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All the basic Recruit CRM FAQs

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