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Adding/Importing/Updating Records
Adding/Importing/Updating Records

These articles will teach you how to add or import Candidates, Contacts, Companies & Jobs

Adding Candidates in Recruit CRMThis article will show you multiple ways of adding candidates to Recruit CRM
Adding records manually (Candidates, companies, contacts & jobs)Adding records in Recruit CRM
Cloning or duplicating jobsThis article lets you create a duplicate job from the one you have in Recruit CRM.
Bulk importing recordsThis article will help you import candidates/contacts/companies records to Recruit CRM from a CSV/XLS file.
Changing the status of a jobThis article will help you manage the status of your jobs in Recruit CRM
Field visibility and rearrangement on listsThis article will guide you around arranging fields in your preferred order.
Merging duplicate recordsThis article will help you merge Candidates, Contacts, and Companies in Recruit CRM.
Recruit CRM Chrome ExtensionThis tool will help you source candidates/companies/contacts from recruitment platforms like LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter, etc,
Kanban View for Jobs in Recruit CRMThis article will help you understand the Kanban View feature in the Jobs section.
Bulk Updating RecordsUpdate candidates, companies, contacts or jobs in bulk
Exporting Data To Excel/CSVLearn how to export candidate, contact, job, company & Deal records to CSV/Excel files.
Assigning Owners To RecordsAssigning or Updating owners of candidates, companies, contacts and jobs in bulk
Column headersDetails about what column headers are
How to Select More Than 1000 Records at a Time?This article will guide you on how you can bulk-select more than 1000 at once.
Selecting custom fields on the Chrome ExtensionThis article will help you view more fields directly in the Recruit CRM Sourcing Extension.