If you think 2 candidates or contacts in the database are duplicates, Recruit CRM gives the ability to merge records.

Below are a few circumstances that can lead to duplicate records:

  • Same person with 2 different email IDs or Phone number
  • Same person is imported twice from a CSV/Excel spreadsheet (here email/phone/LinkedIn URL could be same)
  • Allow duplicate is set to "ON" in the Account Settings

Please Note: You might have 2 different candidates with the same name in the database, be very sure before merging 2 records. Once merged, the secondary record will be deleted from the system (this is irreversible).

How merging of record works:

  1. Go to a Primary Record (Candidate/Contact) in which you want to merge the other record.

2. Click on the 3 dots on the right and click on "Merge"

3. Search and select the record to be merged into this record from the Pop up.

4. After choosing/searching for a record, hit "Merge".

You'll see a success message once the record is merged and this prompts the automatic deletion of of the duplicate.

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