Merging Duplicate Records

This article will help you merge Candidates, Contacts, and Companies in Recruit CRM.

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If you think 2 candidates, contacts, or companies in the database are duplicates, Recruit CRM gives the ability to merge records.

Below are a few circumstances that can lead to duplicate records:

  • Same person with 2 different email IDs or Phone number

  • Same person is imported twice from a CSV/Excel spreadsheet (here email/phone/LinkedIn URL could be same)

  • Same company added twice with different name (example)

  • Allow duplicate is set to "ON" in the Account Settings

Please Note: You might have 2 different candidates with the same name in the database, be very sure before merging 2 records. Once merged, the second record will be deleted from the system (this is irreversible).

How merging of record works:

  1. Go to a Primary Record (Candidate/Contact) in which you want to merge the other record.

  2. Click on the 3 dots on the right and click on "Merge"

3. Search and select the record to be merged into this record from the Pop-up.

4. After choosing/searching for a record, hit "Merge".

Note: Only the empty fields of the "Primary Record" will be updated with new data from the selected candidate. No existing data on the primary record will get over-written while merging.

You'll see a success message once the record is merged and this prompts the automatic deletion of the duplicate.

For the contacts and companies, you follow the same steps mentioned above. If you have any questions about this, just send us a message on the chatbot at the bottom right corner (blue box) and we'd be happy to help you :)

Hope this helps!

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