Merging duplicate records

This article will help you merge Candidates, Contacts, and Companies in Recruit CRM.

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If you think two or more candidates, contacts, or companies in the database are duplicated, Recruit CRM allows you to merge these records.

It's not possible to merge jobs in Recruit CRM.

Scenarios that may lead to duplicated records

Adding the same record with two different email IDs or phone numbers

The record is repeated in a CSV/ Excel spreadsheet and imported twice (email/phone/LinkedIn URL could be the same)

The same company is added twice with different names (for example Apple Inc. and Apple Incorporation)

Allow duplicate is set to "ON" in the Account Settings

Merging duplicate records

The process for merging candidates, contacts, and companies is the same.

1. Go to a primary record with which you want to merge the other record.

2. Click on the three dots on the right and select "Merge".

3. You can then search and select the record you want to merge the primary record with.

Only the empty fields in the primary record will be updated with new data from the selected candidate/contact/company. No existing data on the primary record will get overridden while merging.

4. Once you click on the merge button, the system will give you an intimation that the process has been initiated.

You might have two different candidates with the same name in the database. Be very sure before merging two records, since once merged, the second record will be permanently deleted from the system.

5. You will receive a notification once the merge is complete.

Hope this helps!

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