We've built our chrome extension to make your life easy and help you get more done, & faster! Candidates/Contacts/Company can all be sourced from the same extension from various platforms like LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Xing, etc in a single click.

Here's how you can do it:

  1. Here's a link to download the extension from the Google Webstore. You'll next have to pin the extension on your browser to start using it from here

2. Once you see the extension at the top right of your screen you can start the sourcing process by just clicking on the R button icon once you're on any profile page.

If the extension doesn't show up on your browser after downloading it,

This article will also show you how to "Pin" the extension on Chrome on top.

3. You can do follow-up actions on the records like adding notes, tasks, jobs, hotlist, etc. Once you click on "Done" the record will be added to your Recruit CRM database.

4. The extension detects duplicates hence apart from adding new records you can also edit details like view assignments /add them to more Jobs & Hotlists, change their hiring stage, etc. & save the profile in your database on Recruit CRM.

PS:- If the record already exists in your Recruit CRM database, we just update the new information captured by the extension to the profile!

Here's a quick video on the use of the chrome extension on Linkedin

Happy Recruiting :)

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