Recruitment can get monotonous, We've built our chrome extension to make your life easy and help you get more done, faster!

You can source candidates/companies/contacts from various platforms like LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Xing, etc in a single click.

Here's how you can do it:

  1. You have to download the extension from the Google Webstore - here's the link.
  2. You'll have to pin the extension on your browser to start using it from here

3. Once you've downloaded the extension you need to go to either LinkedIn, ZoomInfo OR Xing. 

4. Go to a profile of a candidate/contact/company and click on the Recruit CRM extension (Blue R on the top right corner)

5. You can add/edit information that the extension has captured and click on "Save" to add the record. You can do follow up actions like Add Task, Assign to Job, Add to Hotlist etc Once you click on "Done" the record will be added to your Recruit CRM database. 

PS: We update the candidate record if the candidate's email and phone number matches one of the existing records in your database.

Happy Recruiting :)

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