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Recruit CRM Chrome Extension

This tool will help you source candidates/companies/contacts from recruitment platforms like LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter, etc,

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Our Chrome extension streamlines your workflow, enabling you to source candidates, contacts, and companies effortlessly from multiple recruitment platforms and lead databases with just one click!

The Chrome Extension works only on Chromium-based browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave browser, etc.

✅ Which are the compatible platforms for Recruit CRM Chrome Extension?

Currently compatible with LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter, Recruiter Lite, Sales Navigator, Outlook, ZoomInfo, Xing, Xing Talent Manager, Indeed, and Naukri Recruitment Management System, our extension is designed to enhance productivity and save you valuable time.

🌐 How to set up Recruit CRM Chrome Extension?

1. The first step is to download the Recruit CRM Chrome extension from the Google Webstore.

2. Next, you'll need to pin the extension to your browser for easy access.

To ensure the Chrome extension works properly, it's important to have third-party cookies enabled. Please check out this article for guidance on enabling them to ensure the extension functions as intended:

®️ How to use the Recruit CRM Chrome extension?

1. Once the extension is pinned, you can start sourcing candidates/contacts/companies by clicking the R button when you're on any profile page.

2. The extension will parse the information and you can add/edit details, and perform follow-up actions on the records such as adding notes, tasks, and meetings, assigning them to jobs, or adding them to hotlists.

3. Once you click "Save", the record will be added to your Recruit CRM database.

If the record already exists in your Recruit CRM database, we just update empty fields on Recruit CRM with the new information captured by the extension.

However, if the "Override Data" toggle is enabled in the Chrome Extension settings, then all the existing information in Recruit CRM will be overridden by the new information captured by the extension:

🎥 Here's a tutorial on how to use the Chrome Extension on LinkedIn!

📱Download the Chrome extension on your Android mobile phone!

👈 Here are the simple steps!

Follow the steps listed below to download the Chrome Extension on your Android mobile phone:

1. Download the Kiwi Browser from the Play Store.

2. Now open the browser, install the Recruit CRM sourcing extension, and pin it to Chrome.

3. Open the browser and log in to Recruit CRM and LinkedIn: and you are all set to source Candidates/Contacts/Companies from LinkedIn to Recruit CRM.

Here's a video on this:

Hope this helps!

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