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Selecting custom fields on the Chrome Extension
Selecting custom fields on the Chrome Extension

This article will help you view more fields directly in the Recruit CRM Sourcing Extension.

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Customize your Chrome extension to record the most relevant information for candidates, companies, and contacts!

You can add more fields of your choice directly to the extension, in addition to the existing ones. Whether it's a default field or any of the custom fields, the Chrome extension can be aligned perfectly to suit your unique requirements.

How to add more fields to the Chrome extension?

1. Go to Admin Settings >> Data Customization >> Candidate Fields/Company Fields/Contact Fields to view a list of default and custom fields that can be displayed on your extension.

2. To show a field on the extension, simply check the corresponding checkbox under the 'Extension' column, and uncheck it to hide the field.

Note: The fields already available in the extension cannot be deselected.

You can select up to 10 fields that can be displayed on the Chrome extension. These can either be default fields or custom fields that you have set up or a combination of both.

Note: For candidates, the Work and Education History sections are available by default on the extension.

How to reorder sections on the Chrome extension?

You can change the order of sections on the Chrome extension by heading to the 'Settings' tab (gear icon) on the Chrome extension and using the 'hamburger menu' icon to drag them across the list.

FAQs on selecting additional fields in the Chrome extension

What happens if I select more than 10 fields?

Since we have set up the Chrome extension to display only 10 additional fields, the system will restrict you from selecting more than 10 checkboxes in the 'Extension' column within Admin Settings.

Can I add file-type custom fields to the Chrome extension?

Yes, you can add a file type custom field to appear on the Chrome extension. However, please note that the extension won't show a preview of the file due to technical constraints, you'll only be able to see the file name.

How does the override data setting work with the new features?

The override data settings do not affect the additional fields within the Chrome extension. These fields will always be overwritten, except for Current Organization and Skills. This design enables users to make updates to the data without constraints, particularly for custom fields where data isn't sourced from LinkedIn.

Here's a quick video to help you:

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