When we say "We love customizations as much as you do", we really mean it.

In Recruit CRM, you can add up to 15 custom fields to each of your records (candidate, company, contact & job).

Here is how you can do it:

Step 1: Go to Admin Settings

Step 2: Under Data Customization, choose any record to which you want to add custom fields.

 Step 3: Click on " + New Custom Field"

Step 4: Create a new field that you want in your system; select the appropriate field type and enter the correct value and don't forget to hit "Save Field".

You can see the newly created field in the list.

That's it! Your custom field is created successfully.
Likewise, you can have multiple custom fields under each section (Candidate, Company, Contact & Job)

Now all you have to do is Replace & Reorder Fields on profile pages

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