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Adding notes and customizing note type
Adding notes and customizing note type

Add notes to Candidates, Companies, Jobs and Contacts

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Adding notes to candidates, companies, jobs, and contacts

Follow the steps below to add record-specific notes on jobs, contacts, companies, or candidates in Recruit CRM:

1. Click on the Company / Contact / Job or Candidate

2. On the right-hand side, click on the first icon of Notes:

3. Once you have entered the notes, click Add note and it will save the note on that particular profile. You can also add the note under a specific "custom note type" from the Select Note Type drop-down.

In addition to this, in the notes section you'll also be able to:

@Mention your teammates

On any record (candidate/company/contact/job) add the "@" symbol in the Notes section that will give them an email notification with a link to that record.

📌 Pin notes to the top

Pin the notes added that are more important than the rest, to see them on the top in that section, and Edit/Delete the notes just by taking a mouse pointer over the created note.

🔗 Add associations/linkage

Associate/ link notes to more than one record at a time. To associate/ link more records to a note while adding the note meeting click on "create associations".

Customizing the note type

You can also add customized Note types to tag a note with a specific "Type" to make it easier for you and your team to identify/categorize them. You can also set up a default note type, to avoid having to select the type each time you add a note.

Only users with access to the "Admin Panel" on the Business plan or users with the "Admin" role on the Pro plan can perform the actions shown in the article below.

Follow the steps below to customize the options in your "Note Type" dropdown:

1. Go to Admin Settings > Click on Note Type Customization under CRM Process Customization.

2. Click on the "Customize" button.

3. Click on Add New Status and a name (up to 50 characters) for your note type.

4. You can make it your default note type by checking the box next to it.

5. Hit Save Status

Check point number 3 in the first half of the article to know where you can see the Select Note Type Dropdown.

The number of available call types, meeting types, and note types is 30.

Accessing the notes

1. Navigate to the "Notes & Calls" tab, and easily access the notes you've added. For a closer look at each individual note, simply click on the arrow positioned at the top-left corner. This will expand the notes, providing a detailed view for easy reference and management.

2. To broaden your view of the entire Activity section, click on the expand icon located at the top right. From there, you can efficiently search for notes you've added.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to apply filters, allowing you to refine your search and efficiently manage your notes.

In case you have any questions or concerns related to Adding notes or customizing note types, please use the chatbot on the bottom right to get in touch with us and we'd be happy to help you!

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