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Notes, Tasks, Appointments & Files
Notes, Tasks, Appointments & Files

These articles will teach you how to add Notes, Tasks, Appointments &Files

Notes Restriction in Recruit CRMThis article will help you set restrictions on adding, viewing, editing & deleting notes based on the role assigned to users
Meeting Type CustomizationThis article will guide you on how to customize the meeting type in Recruit CRM.
Associate notes, call logs, tasks, or meetingsThis article will help you link any Note, Call log, Task or Meeting you add to more than one record at a time
Tasks and meetings + task queueManaging Tasks & Meetings Within Recruit CRM
Scheduling MeetingsLearn how to schedule meetings with or between candidates and contacts.
Adding notes and customizing note typeAdd notes to Candidates, Companies, Jobs and Contacts
Adding Call logsThis article will help you understand how you can add call logs in Recruit CRM.
Creating TasksAdding a task helps you keep track of things you need to get done.
Adding Files & Creating FoldersAdd files related to any candidate, job or client.
How to add collaborators on notes, call logs, tasks, and meetingsAdd your team members as activity collaborators to keep a track of the performance.
Generating Google Meet link while setting up meetings in Recruit CRMLearn how to generate a Google Meet Link while scheduling a meeting inside Recruit CRM.
How to create and access templates for notes, call logs, and tasksLearn to create and customize templates for notes, call logs, and tasks.
Generating Microsoft Teams link while setting up meetings in Recruit CRMSchedule Microsoft Teams meetings directly from the system.