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Managing Tasks & Meetings Within Recruit CRM

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Quickly getting through all your tasks & meeting for the day plays a huge part in helping you win every day.

1. On the Navigation bar to the left-hand panel, click on the Tasks and Meetings button.

2. Once on this page, you can select whether you want to view the Tasks, Meetings, or both together.

3. You can select between Complete/ Past and Incomplete/ Upcoming tasks & meetings.

4. You can also filter your Tasks & Meetings by date as well.

Additionally, we give you the option to check the tasks in a queue, which allows you to go through them rapidly. Here's a quick glance at how you can do this:

On the Tasks and Meetings page > At the top-right, you will see a button to "Start tasks in a Queue" (shown below).

Once you click on this button, you will be able to see the list of tasks and can navigate through them to check their status and follow through to complete them one after the other.

Have a look at the below image and the explanation of each action from left to right:

As you can see in the image above, you are directed to the profile page of the record linked to the first task in the queue.

1. Starting from the first drop-down which reads Candidate tasks, you can change it to any other entity (Contacts, Companies, Jobs) and check the tasks in the queue for each of those entities (If you have incomplete tasks within them).

2. The next tab which reads "complete" helps you quickly know if there is anything left to be done on the record you're currently on.

3. You can click on the drop-down which reads Progress to get a list view of all the records that are in the task queue:

4. To toggle between the Previous profile and the Next profile in the Task queue, you have the buttons.

The task queue is designed for you to have a look at all your upcoming tasks at once without having you manually click on each task and then be redirected to a new tab, instead just toggle through the task queue and you'll save hours every week

Filtering tasks and meetings on the dashboard

On the dashboard, we provide you with powerful filtering capabilities that allow you to easily navigate through your data efficiently based on your preferences. With a few steps, you can narrow down your view and focus on the information that matters most to you.

You can easily filter your tasks based on the status and date and meetings can be filtered based on the status, meeting types, and date.

Exporting tasks and meetings list

You can export your tasks and meetings data from the dashboard by clicking on the "Export Spreadsheet" button in the top right corner of the Tasks and Meetings module.

Please note that you can export only 1000 records at a time.

If you need help creating new tasks or meetings, click on the hyperlinks below:

If you have more questions, just click on the blue chatbot on the bottom-right and Send Us a Message to chat with us 🙂

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