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Creating Tasks

Adding a task helps you keep track of things you need to get done.

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A recruiter can create tasks related to specific Candidates, Contacts,  Companies, Jobs or Deals.

How to create tasks?

1. Go to the profile of any Candidate, Contact, Company, or Job. On the right-hand side, you will see an option to add a task (checklist icon):

Once you add it from a record's profile page, the task will auto-fill the 'Related To' field by that particular record.

3. You can add any one of your team members as a Collaborator on the task to allow them to access the task assigned to the Candidate, Contact, Company, Job, or Deal:

4. Additionally, you can relate or link a task to more than one record. For example, you can link a task to a candidate, a company, and a deal by creating 'Associations'.

1. Once you add the description and click on 'Add', the Task will appear on the same screen under the 'Tasks' section or under 'All'.

2. You can add a Task directly from the '' icon on the top right-hand side:

3. You can also head over to the Tasks and Meetings page to add new tasks and access all your tasks in one view. Here, you will also be able to sort and filter your tasks based on date and status.

Note: You can also view all your tasks in a queue, refer to this article to learn more.

That's it! You're all set :)

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