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Recruit CRM Mobile App

Out of the office and still need to access your data? Recruit CRM mobile app is available on both iOS and Android mobiles!

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Recruit CRM mobile app will help you access your data and perform your tasks from your phone!

You can download our mobile apps from the following links:

On your mobile app, you can perform a bunch of actions and see your complete candidate, contact, company, jobs, and deals database:

You can also go into a detailed view of individual candidates and see all their details, the jobs they are assigned to, change the hiring stage, send an email, or call the candidate.

(Note: VOIP calling feature is available only on the Business plan)

Additionally, you can add new meetings, tasks, and notes to the candidate record and also view the existing notes, tasks & meetings on the record.

Similarly, you can view and manage your Jobs from the app itself. See all candidates under various stages and simply click on the three dots on the right of the candidate record to change the hiring stage and add remarks:

Switch to the Meetings or Tasks tabs to view all upcoming/incomplete tasks and meetings. To view all your notifications, click on the bell icon at the top-right.

And if you have any questions, you can also chat with us directly from your mobile app!

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