Recruit CRM onboarding - Part 2

This document is designed to teach new users and prospects everything you need to know to get started in the system.

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We hope your app setup is now complete. If not, here's a detailed guide for you

Now let's understand more about the features you can use to make your life easier :)


Once you have added a candidate using the different ways and you are now inside the candidate profile, you can:

1. View all the jobs the candidate is assigned to under the “Assigned Jobs” tab.

2. View all the email conversations that you had with that candidate under the “Related emails” tab. At the same time, you can also choose to blacklist a particular candidate or hide your emails from your team members.

3. You can also add notes on the candidate and tag your teammates so they get an email notification.

4. You can make phone calls directly from the browser and choose to record them and save them in the system

5. You can also add meetings and this will send them an email and calendar invite

6. You can add tasks for yourself and they have open in a sequence from the following link.

7. You can send the candidate the “Update Profile Request” to get all the updated and latest information on them

8. You can also have a view of all the jobs they have ever been assigned to under the “Candidate History” tab on the candidate's profile.

9. You can also see all the contacts that this candidate has been pitched to under the “Contacts Pitched” tab on the candidate's profile.

10. You can also link a candidate to a contact.

11. You can merge duplicate candidates:

12. You can also opt-out candidates from emails:

13. Generate formatted CVs for candidates:

Candidate List Page

Once you go to the candidate’s list page, from here you can bulk-select all the candidates and perform actions like

  • Assign them to a job

  • Send them the Updated Request form

  • Send a bulk email

  • Add notes on them

  • Add them to a hotlist

  • Bulk update a field

  • Pitch them to contacts

  • Delete the profiles

  • Use the Resume Parser to add candidates

  • Import CSV or XLS files in the system

Advanced search in Recruit CRM

Since RecruitCRM is an ATS, we have a powerful Advanced Search which is a combination of the Boolean Search and the Filter Search.

You can read more about this in the next article:


When you move next to a company profile, you can:

  • Have a look at all the contacts / hiring managers that are associated with that company

  • See additional information about the company

  • Add custom fields on the company records

  • View all the open jobs that are linked to the company, have access to the candidates in the pipeline, and the hiring manager responsible for that job

  • Have access to all the deals that are linked to the company

  • You can also link the parent and child companies together

  • Merge duplicated companies


Next up, you can also create separate profiles for all the contacts/ hiring managers that you can link with a company.

2. Similar to the candidate profile, you can also link a contact’s profile to a candidate

3. You can choose to opt them out of email.

4. You can also merge two duplicate contact profiles in the system

5. You can also view contact hotlists inside the contact profile

6. Just like candidates and companies, you can add internal notes, call logs, tasks, and meetings for contacts as well


You also have the option to create and post jobs directly within the system. This allows you to publish jobs on your website and share them on various job boards

1. Every job that you create inside the system has a unique Job Application URL. You have the option to totally customize the Application form

2. While creating a job, you can also add custom candidates' questions on the same

3. You can post all open jobs on your company website or Job Boards to get applicants directly into your database

4. You can also share jobs on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

5. Apart from this we also integrate with Indeed for job postings:

6. We also integrate with 5 free job boards that you can post your jobs on

Submit your candidates!

Now once you have posted your jobs on different platforms and have assigned candidates to that job, you can now share the shortlisted candidates with your contacts/ hiring managers.

There are three ways in which you can do this inside the system:

Submit your candidates

  1. Via email: This will send an email to your hiring manager with the candidate grid along with the attachment(s).

  2. Online candidate list: This will send a link to your hiring manager with the list of candidates. A list of candidates will be submitted to the concerned contact through email.

  3. Executive summary report: With our "Executive Search Report" feature you can create a customized pdf report with candidates and information you choose and a detailed candidate summary.

Here are some articles that will give you a better understanding on this:

You can also have the online list with your own branding, your own company logo, and your name.

The Online list feature also allows the clients to leave feedback about the candidate. You can view this feedback within the system by going to the “Client Feedback” tab.


Inside RecruitCRM, you can also see a bunch of reports under the “Dashboard”. You can see an overview of all the records inside the system. You can customize the view according to your own needs.

Here’s an article on how you can do that:

The reports available in the dashboard are...

  1. Total Candidate Statistics

  2. Total Job Statistics

  3. Total Deal Statistics

  4. Candidate Pipeline by Jobs

  5. Candidate Pipeline by Company

  6. Candidate Pipeline by Candidate Owner

  7. Candidate Pipeline by Recruiter Assigned

  8. Candidate Lifecycle report

  9. Team Performance Report

  10. Tasks and Meetings

Reports in Recruit CRM

You also have an option to run Reports inside RecruitCRM:

Calendar / Tasks and Meetings

Once you have synced your calendar, you also have a separate section to view all the “Tasks and Meetings” that you have due.

Additionally, we give you the option to check the tasks in a queue, which allows you to go through them rapidly.


Once you have added the companies and related the jobs they assign you, you have placed certain candidates for those jobs, and you can now track all the revenue opportunities inside the system itself under the “Deals” section.

You can link a deal to any company, contact, job, or candidate. This will give you an estimate of the total revenue in the pipeline, and the deals that you’ve won/lost and you can also create different stages for deals to get a more realistic revenue amount.

Here’s an article on how you can create a deal’s pipeline in the system and track all your revenue opportunities:

Placements and Billings section

We also have a separate placement and billings section inside the app.

Whenever a candidate is placed inside the system, the candidate automatically moves to the placement and billings section and you can generate an invoice on them.

Here’s an article to help you with the invoicing:

Workflow automation and integration

We also help you integrate your RecruitCRM account with other apps and platforms to integrate and automate your workflows.


How to turn on Dark Mode for Recruit CRM?

Though Recruit CRM doesn’t have native dark mode support, there’s a workaround for Chromium-based browsers (Chrome/Brave) that will help.

How to Assign the Candidates for one job to another?

  • When you go inside a job, click on “view all” under the candidate pipeline. Then, on the List View, bulk select all the candidates and click on “Assign to Job”

  • Once the search for jobs tab is open, search for the job from the search bar and click on “assign”

How can we keep track of when we last reached out to a candidate?

You’ll need to create a date-type custom field

Further, you can use the advanced search over a date range to filter out the candidates based on these dates. As well as Recruit CRM lets you bulk update your custom fields which can be updated on a regular basis.

How can we send the Job-related information for multiple candidates to a client if we’re on the team plan?

  1. Firstly, you’d have to create a file type custom field.

    1. You can create that from here: Candidate fields

  2. Then you need to add it to your job application form from here: Job application form

    Just use the toggle to turn the visibility of the field ON

  3. If you’re on the business plan you'll get 5 default file type fields that are specific to each job and can be used to store different kinds of files.

  4. The custom field can further be selected and sent ahead to the client using the online live link.

Are you looking to import a list of candidates using an Excel file and assign them directly to a job inside Recruit CRM?

I’m afraid that there is no direct way to do this as of now.

However, if you have a list of candidates you want to assign to a particular job, you can add them to a hotlist while importing the list.

Then, you can bulk-assign all the candidates from that hotlist to a job.

How can I choose to rank the candidates inside the system or attach skill tags to them?

  • If you want to rank your candidates or provide them a color code to differentiate them or just have skill tags associated with them, you can choose to create custom fields from the same.

  • You can create custom fields from the following link:

  • Here’s an article that you can refer to for the common drop-down values for custom fields:

That's it! You are all set to begin recruiting in the most effective way! Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or if there's anything else we can assist you with. We're just a text away in the chatbot!

Happy recruiting!

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