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Hide all your emails from other users on your account
Hide all your emails from other users on your account

This article will help you hide all your emails with Candidates/Contacts from your team by hiding it from the Related Emails and Reports.

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Use your mailbox in Recruit CRM without giving the rest of your team access to any of your email communication. In Recruit CRM we give you the ability to hide all emails exchanged with Candidates/Contacts from your Team in Recruit CRM in just a few simple steps.

Once you hide your emails, all your email communication with Candidates and Contacts will be hidden from the "Related Emails" tab and in the "Sent Email Conversations" KPI in "Team Performance Reports". It will be visible only in your personal mailbox within RecruitCRM.

To hide all emails from your Team :

  1. Click on the Profile icon at the top and go to your "Email Settings"

2. Within email settings you'll see a toggle with the option to hide emails:

3. Turn on the toggle to hide your emails from the Related Emails tab and Reports.

You'll need to connect your email to Recruit CRM to see the above option. The following articles will help you with this:

Once you've enabled the setting to hide your mail, all your mail will be hidden from the other users on your account.

If you make questions on this, do reach out to us using the blue chatbot at the bottom right of your screen :)

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