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Compare the performance of your teammates/recruiters

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Our Team Performance Report gives you a clear view of each of your teammate's performance and also the performance of your Teams (applicable for Business plan users: Creating Teams In Recruit CRM).

You can quickly run a report on all your recruiters and teams with all the available KPIs to have a deeper understanding of if everything is going as per the plan.

Here's how you can run a report:

Once you're inside the Team Performance Report, follow the steps below to generate a report.

  • Select Recruiters/Teams from the user drop-down

  • Select KPIs from the KPI drop-down

  • Choose a date range from the drop-down or choose a custom date range

KPIs available in this report

1. All hiring stages within your Master Hiring Pipeline.

2. Notes added to any record by your users (including note types)

3. Tasks added

4. Candidates, jobs, contacts and companies added

5. Total call logs added to all records and to specifically candidates or contacts

6. Candidate, contacts, and total meetings added (including meeting types)

7. Candidates pitched

8. Contact stages added to contacts

9. Billable revenue and cash collected from related deals.

10. Sent email conversations (account owners only)

Please Note:

1. If you are seeing any numbers related to any Hiring Stage (Assigned/Placed etc.), This is historical data which means, the candidates were in that hiring stage during some point in the date range the report was generated for, Their current hiring stage may be different.

On the basis of your selection, you'll see the bars with the actual data associated with them. Each bar on the chart is clickable and that will give you a more comprehensive report.

If you click on a bar that says "Candidates Added" it will give you a list of all the candidates that were actually added by that recruiter during that time period.

2. Only account owners have access to run reports with the "Sent Email Conversation" KPI in order to maintain data privacy.

You can further sort them in ascending/descending order just by clicking on the heading. You can also perform an Advanced Search on the records and can Export them as well.

You can export the bar chart for the reports by simply clicking on the top right corner, which will give you the various options to export:

You can also save the reports generated and can later modify these saved reports:

If one of the saved reports on your account includes a report which has the "Sent Email Conversations" KPI along with other KPIs, then, only the account owner will be able to see the complete report.

All the other users will be able to generate the report, but, without the "Sent Email Conversations" KPI. But in case a user, other than the account owner, edits and saves this report, then it will override the report settings and the KPI will be removed from the specific saved report.

Then, if a saved report only includes the "Sent Email Conversations" KPI, it will only be accessible to the account owners.

If you have more questions on this, feel free to reach out to us using the blue chatbot at the bottom right and we'll be more than happy to help you 😊

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