Deals by Teammates/Team

Gain insight into your deals and keep track of the revenue using our deals by teammates/team and deals won/lost reports

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The Deal Pipeline feature on Recruit CRM lets you keep a tab on all revenue opportunities and "deals" your team is working on. Using the Deals by Teammates/Team and Deals Won/Lost reports you can now keep track of all Deals within Recruit CRM!

1. Deals by Teammates/Team Report

This Report will give you an overview of the number of deals in different deal stages and their deal value for various teams and team members. To run a report:

  • Select Team Member/Teams (Teams - applicable for Business plan users) from the user drop-down

  • Select KPIs from the KPI drop-down

  • Choose a date range from the drop-down or choose a custom date range

The first option for "Numbers" will show you the graph depicting the number of Deals in each deal stage for the various teams/ team members for the selected date range:

The second "Value" chart will give you a breakdown of the deal value percentage of different stages.

All the different bars on the deal stages are clickable:

Say, you have 6 deals in the deal stage "In progress", the deal value of all these 6 deals in the particular stage is added and then divided by the total deal value of deals in all stages and then converted into percentages.

The "Deals by Weighted Value" on the other hand adds the weighted deal value of deals in a particular stage and then divides it by the weighted deal value of all the deal stages and then converts it into percentages:

You can export these chart reports by simply clicking on the top right corner, which will give you the various options to export. You can also export the detailed report by clicking on the "Export to CSV" button.

I hope this helps!

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