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This article will guide you in splitting deal amounts with teammates and teams.

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With the deal split feature, you can collaborate with your teammates, assign split percentages, distribute the commission, and generate comprehensive reports for better insights.

Adding team members and/or teams to a split

1. Go to the 'Deal Split' tab on the deal's details page.

2. If there are no collaborators, this section reflects the owner with a 100% split percentage.

3. Now, click on the 'Edit Deal Split' button, and search for the teammates and/or teams you want to add to the split.

Once you add teammates and/or teams to a split, they automatically become collaborators in the deal.

The user will also receive an email informing they have been added as a collaborator in the deal.

Setting up the deal split

1. By default, the deal is set on 'Equal Split'. This means that each collaborator will be assigned an equal split percentage.

2. To customize the split percentages, select 'Custom Split' from the drop-down menu. Now, you will be able to make changes and assign split percent values for each teammate or team.

3. Once the percentages are assigned, you can track the Commission for each teammate throughout the deal's progress through stages under the 'Weighted Deal' column.

Understanding deal splits in reporting

With the 'Deal by Teammate/Team Report,' you can gain a comprehensive overview of all deals in all stages in two distinct tables- one for teammates and another for teams.

Additionally, the bar graphs provide a clear visual distinction between the teammates and the teams.

The "Unallocated" row ensures transparency in deal splits. Any split percentage that hasn't been distributed to specific team members or teams is shown in this row. It ensures that the total split value always sums up to 100%.

The "Total" column represents the overall deal value, calculated as:

Sum of all stage values - Sum of lost stage value = Total

Tracking deal splits on the dashboard

On the dashboard, the Total Deals Statistics report displays all deal stages and provides us with the status of each deal.

In addition to viewing the overall statistics, you can also generate reports specific to individual teammates or teams where you can see metrics of split amount and weighted split amount, allowing for more targeted analysis.

Here is a quick video to get you started:

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