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Learn how to generate a report of your deals by revenue in the reports section.

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Within the reports section, the deals by revenue report allows you to generate a comprehensive report to track all your deals and the accumulated revenue.

Generating the deals by revenue report

1. Go to the reports section and click on the "Deals by revenue" report under the deals report.

2. Select the deal stages that you want to generate the report for.

3. Then, choose a specific timeframe for generating your reports and click on "Generate Report".

4. Once the report is generated, you can break down the statistics by week, month, or year.

5. As you scroll through the generated report, you'll find a breakdown of all amounts, categorized by teams or teammates at each stage, along with the deal total. The data will be sorted by week, month, or year, depending on what you choose on the "show by" buttons (refer to Point 4).

Scheduling the Deals by Revenue report 🗓️

You can choose to schedule your deals by revenue report to automatically generate and deliver to the target teammate(s) at your preferred times and intervals.

Please refer to this article to understand how to schedule your reports.

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