Scheduling Reports

Learn how to schedule the delivery of reports for you and your teammates.

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Imagine a seamless and automated way to share your reports with your teammates without lifting a finger. With our "Schedule Report" feature, you can effortlessly automate the delivery of your saved reports to users at the frequency that suits your workflow.

How to schedule reports?🗓️

1. Go to the Reports section and navigate to the report you want to generate.

2. Post generating the required report, click on the "Schedule Report" button.

3. Select the interval frequency (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly) for scheduling the delivery of your report.

4. Specify start and end times for the delivery of your report.

5. Select the users you wish to make the recipients of the report. These users will receive the scheduled reports over their registered email address.

6. Specify the subject and body of the email >>> Select the preferred file format (CSV or XLS) in which you wish to receive the report and click on "Save Schedule".

How to track the scheduled reports?🕵️

1. You can keep track of all your scheduled reports under the "Saved and Scheduled Reports" tab.

2. By clicking on the "Green" schedule label you can monitor the respective schedule, along with the report's history once the scheduled delivery begins.

3. You can also add new schedules from here by clicking on the "Add New Schedule" button, and turn ON/OFF an existing active schedule toggle.

Adding more schedules to a saved report

1. Click on the 'Calendar' icon on the right action column of the targeted report.

2. Navigate to the ellipsis icon on the left corner and select "Edit Schedule".

3. Click on the blue "Add Schedule" button located at the top, and add the necessary details for your schedule.

Note: A user can only add two schedules to a saved report.

Hope that helps! :)

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