Account Overview Report

This report gives the complete overview on candidate and deals pipeline for the entire account

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Note: This report is available only for Admins and Account Owners

In Recruit CRM, the account overview report has 3 segments, to give you a quick idea of the candidates and deals in different stages. This report will give you a pictorial representation of the candidate and deals pipeline.

To view the Account Overview report,

  1. Click on the Reports section and select the Account Overview Report:

2. The "Total Candidate Pipeline" graph shows the percentage distribution of the candidates across various hiring stages:

3. The "Total Deal by Volume" graph shows the percentage of deals in different stages:

4. The "Total Deals by Value" graph shows the distribution of deals based on the deal value of deals in different stages:

You can also choose to export the graphs generated by clicking on the three lines at the top-right of the graph:

Hope this helps :)

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