Time To Hire Report

This report will help measure the time taken to fill an open position and place candidates for individual jobs

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Using this report, you can measure the average time it takes for the entire hiring process for different jobs!

Time to Hire Report measures the time between the creation of a job to when the first candidate is placed and the average time to hire for all placements for the job. You can also measure the average time for each hiring stage in your hiring pipeline.

These metrics will not only help you get an overview of the time to hire for individual jobs, but you can also compare the time taken to hire for different jobs and how long a candidate has spent in each hiring stage.

Here's how you can run a report:

Once you are inside the Time To Hire Report, follow the steps below to generate a report:

  • Select the Jobs you wish to run the report on. You can also run an "Advanced Search" to filter and select the relevant jobs.

  • Choose the Hiring Stage you wish to run the report on.

  • Once you've selected both jobs and the hiring stage, click on "Generate Report"

  • If you wish you can also choose "Save & Generate Report", which will save the report generated. You can view and edit all saved reports.

  • The Report generated depicts the "average time taken on each hiring stage" for the selected jobs. There is also the option to export the graph generated.

  • We also give you the option to export the report generated as a CSV file!

Here is how the two metrics on the Time to Hire Report are calculated:

1. Time for the first candidate to reach a specific stage = Date of specific Hiring Stage (Stage Date) - Date on which job was created

2. Average time for all candidates to reach a specific stage = Total time taken / Number of candidates in that Hiring Stage

Total Time = [Date of Specific Hiring Stage (Stage Date) of first candidate - Date of Job Created] +[Date of Specific Hiring Stage (Stage Date) of second candidate - Date of Job Created]

Hope this helped 🤗

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