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Candidate Lifecycle Report
Candidate Lifecycle Report

This report will give you the complete history of candidates for any given time period.

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You can track the complete lifecycle of all the candidates in your Recruit CRM database.

This report will give you detailed information on all transitions a candidate has made during any time period of your choice.

You can run reports on any/all hiring stages from the drop-down and choose the time period/date range for which you run the Report. You can also Save the reports generated.

When the report is generated, you'll see the bars appearing on the chart, along with the table that has a number for each Hiring Stage. You can download that numbers table to a CSV by clicking on the "Export Report to CSV" button.

If you wish to have the report with the bars, you can simply export it by clicking on the small icon on the top-right of the bar chart.

Each bar on the report is clickable, which will give you the data associated with that bar in a report format. You can also sort data by clicking on any column header.

If you have too many records in the list, you can quickly perform an advanced search or also search for a keyword in the search bar (Hiring stage/Recruiter name/Job name, etc.). You can export the detailed report as a CSV file as well.

On your Candidate Lifecycle Report, we also give you the Ratio of candidates assigned for each stage. The ratio of assigned is the number of candidates in the particular hiring stage for the time period selected/Total number of candidates across all hiring stages for the time period selected *100.

Please note: All the numbers shown in the above report are historical data. It may vary with the current numbers on your Dashboard.

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