You can track the complete lifecycle of all the candidates in your Recruit CRM database.

This report will give you detailed information on all transitions a candidate has made during any time period of your choice.

You can run reports on any/all hiring stages from the drop-down.

Each bar on the report is clickable, which will give you the data associated with that bar in a report format.

When the report is generated, you'll see the bars appearing on the chart, along with the table that has a number for each Hiring Stage. You can download that numbers table to a CSV by clicking on the "Export Report to CSV" button.

If you wish to have the report with the bars, you can just take a screenshot :)

You can sort data by clicking on any column header

If you have too many records in the list, you can quickly search for a keyword in the Search bar (Hiring stage/Recruiter name/Job name, etc.)

Please note: All the numbers shown in the above report are historical data. It may vary with the current numbers on your Dashboard.

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