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Creating Teams In Recruit CRM
Creating Teams In Recruit CRM

Create teams within your company & create custom access roles to control what each user can see & generate reports for each team

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Important Note: The features described on this page are only available on the "Business" & "Enterprise" plans.

Recruit CRM lets you create and tag your users to Teams/Divisions/Business units within your Recruit CRM account and also run Reports on the activity of individual teams/business units. You can also create custom roles with Team Only permissions as well to improve access control: Custom Roles - Access Control & Permissions In Recruit CRM

To Create Teams:

Go to Admin settings >>> Users >>> Teams

Now choose a name for the Team and select the users that you want to add to the Team. Quick note: User(s) can be a part of multiple teams as opposed to earlier when people could be a part of only one team at a time. So now user(s) can be a part of multiple teams at the same time.

Creating Custom Roles For Teams:

With Recruit CRM's Business plan, you can also create roles for your team members/users who can be assigned a set of permissions & access for them to work in RecruitCRM.

The following article will help you do this: Custom Roles - Access Control & Permissions In Recruit CRM

For example, if you have two teams of Recruiters and you wish to give the users on each team access to only the candidate database of their respective teams, you can create a custom role with 'Team Only' view & edit permissions for the candidate module. Similarly, for each action and module, you can set 'Team Only' permission:

Running Team Performance Report For Individual Teams:

In Recruit CRM, we also give you the ability to generate a Team Performance Report for each individual team created within the system. You can also compare the performance of the various teams created.

The following article will help you run the report: Team Performance Report. Click on the 'Team Member' option and select the relevant teams, KPIs, and date range to run the report:

You can then compare the performance of various teams for the selected time frame!

Similarly, you can also run the Deals By Teammates/Team report for Deals for individual teams as well. You can check out the following article for more on this: Deals by Teammates/Team & Deals Won/Lost Reports

Hope this helps 😊

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