Note: This feature is available only on our Business Plan

Recruit CRM has introduced the IP whitelisting feature, to help protect your organization’s data from unauthorized access. You can specify a list of IP addresses from which users can log in to your Recruit CRM account.

Only the Account Owner has the access to this feature. To whitelist an IP address:

2. Scroll down to IP Whitelisting and you'll see the box where you can add in the trusted IP addresses.

3. The system will automatically show you, your current IP address. You can enter the trusted IP addresses in the box and once complete, click outside the text box to save the IP restriction settings.

After you have set this up, users will be restricted from logging in from IP addresses that have not been whitelisted. If a user tries to log in, from an IP address that is not marked as trusted they will get the following error:

PS. The IP address restriction is applicable for all users except the Account Owner.

But if you do not wish to have the IP restriction for certain users on your team, you can create a custom role and disable the IP Restriction for just the users on this role.

You can create the custom roles from: Admin Settings > Users > Roles & Permissions

Here is a quick article on creating custom roles: Creating Teams & User Roles in Recruit CRM

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