Important Note: The features described on this page are only available on the "Business" & "Enterprise" plans.

Recruit CRM lets you tag your users to Teams/Divisions/Business units within your Recruit CRM account & also can create custom Roles to control what each user can see & do within your Recruit CRM Database.

To Create Teams:

Go to Admin settings >>> Users >>> Teams

To Create Roles:

With Recruit CRM's Business plan, you can create roles for your team members/users who can be assigned with a designated set of permissions for them to work in RecruitCRM.
- These roles you create can then be changed/updated with the permissions you wish to provide or remove.

Go to Admin Settings >>> Users >>> Roles & Permission

Click on "+ New Role" on the top right corner, to create a specific role with customized permissions.

Once on the page, you type the Role Name and start selecting the permissions; You can customize the permissions according to the nature of the work that role will be doing in Recruit CRM.

Example: If you hire an "Intern" just to source candidates, then you can just give access to the Candidate section and not the other record types.

Similarly, you can decide what sort of actions the user will be able to perform based on the permissions granted.

On the right-hand side of the above-mentioned page, you will find the types of permission with the description of each permission and what it represents:

While assigning the permissions to the role, please try to be as specific as you can.

There's a whole list of selections in the first section, followed by a few toggle switches to give access to each section of Recruit CRM; and based on the permissions you provide will determine the actions those assigned users under the said role could perform.

Once the permissions have been assigned, don't forget to hit the 'Save Role' button at the bottom of the page to save the role and permissions assigned therewithin.

*Please note: only custom roles can be customized.

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