With our new "Business Plan" calling candidates or contacts directly from Recruit CRM is easy :)

Recruit CRM uses Twilio to power our calling integration.

Please Note: The Calling integration is NOT available to users on the "Team Plan".

You can check your current plan from here - Admin settings --> Plans & Billing

To set your calling integration in Recruit CRM, please follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: Set & verify your calling number

There are 2 ways to add the calling number to the system.

A) Through the Profile section


B) While making your first call:
Click on the phone number of a candidate or contact and the system will ask you to verify the number you're calling from first.

You'll receive a 6 digit verification code on your mobile number to verify your calling number.

Step 2: Buy calling credits

To start making calls through Recruit CRM, you'll have to buy credits first to make calls.

Add the credit amount by clicking on the "+" button, you can check the amount on the right side

Confirm the default payment method or add another card to make the payment.

Step 3: Calling candidate/contact

Once the number is verified and credits are added, click on the phone number of a candidate/contact and the system will open a pop-up to make a phone call

You'll see the "To" and "From" numbers along with an option to Record a call.

If you wish to record a call, switch to YES, tick the consent box to confirm, and click on the Green button to start the call.

You'll hear a calling tone and the phone will start ringing. You can take call notes on the screen, those will be added to Notes & Calls section on the record.

Once the call is over, you'll get another screen to add more details about the call.

Call type drop-down can be customized from Admin settings --> Calling settings --> Call type customization

You'll see all the call recordings on the candidate's/contact's profile page.

That's about it!

Read more about the Call Recording Laws here.

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