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Setting up calling in Recruit CRM
Setting up calling in Recruit CRM

Learn how to set up calling in Recruit CRM!

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Effortlessly call your candidates and contacts directly within Recruit CRM's platform. Our seamless calling integration, powered by Twilio, enhances communication capabilities, making connections easier and more efficient.

The calling feature is available only on the Business plan.

IMPORTANT: Due to local guidelines Twilio will no longer allow domestic outbound calls between +91 (Indian) numbers. International calls placed from Indian numbers will still be supported.

📞 How to set up calling integration in Recruit CRM?

1. Add & verify your calling number:

There are two ways to add the calling number into the system.

From the Profile section

Navigate to your Profile section and add the phone number there:

While making your first call

Click on the candidate's/contact's phone number and the system will ask you to add and verify the number you're calling from. You'll receive a 6-digit verification code on your mobile number to verify your calling number.

2. Buy calling credits:

Now, to start making calls through Recruit CRM, you'll have to buy calling credits.

⬅️ Here's how you can buy calling credits 💰

To buy the credits,

  • Add the credit amount by clicking on the "+" button, you can check the amount on the right side:

  • Confirm the default payment method or add another card to make the payment.

You can check the prices on Twilio by clicking on the link below:

The actual cost paid by you is (local/mobile call cost + browser call cost)*1.25 and this includes us storing the call for you for as long as you use Recruit CRM.

3. Calling a candidate/contact:

Once the number is verified and credits are added, click on the phone number of a candidate/contact and the system will open a pop-up to make a phone call:

You'll see the "To" and "From" numbers along with an option to record the call.

If you wish to record a call, switch to YES, tick the consent box to confirm, and click on the green 'Call' button to start the call.

Call recording permissions

Different roles will also have different call recording permissions. While creating a custom role, you can choose if the teammate will be able to manage Calling Integration & Credits, download the recordings, record the calls by default and choose which calls to record or not.

Phone calling & recording

A user with this permission will be able to access the Calling Integration & Credits page to buy calling credits and manage the call recording settings.

Allow user to choose which calls to record

A user with this permission will be able to select which calls to record by turning the toggle on/off.

Start recording calls by default

If a user has this permission, the recording toggle inside a record will always be enabled by default.

If a user has this permission, but doesn't have the "allow user to choose which calls to record" permission, they won't be able to turn the recording toggle off.

Additionally, a user can also enable/disable the default call recording by going to the the Call Settings page under Phone Calling & SMS Settings.

Only account Owners, Admins, and users with custom roles can access this page.

This setting is at user-level and will not affect the recording settings for the entire account. The toggle will also override the user's "start calling by default" permission.

Eg. If a user has the "start calling by default" enabled and access to the call settings, they can turn the default recording toggle off and override their permissions.

You'll hear a calling tone and the phone will start ringing. You can take call notes on the screen, those will be added to the 'Notes & Calls' section on the record.

Once the call is over, you'll get another screen to add more details about the call including the Call Type.

🎧 Where to access the call recordings?

You can access all the call recordings under the 'Notes and Calls' tab within the Activities section on the candidate's/contact's profile page.

📋 How to transcribe calls in Recruit CRM?

📲 How to use the native dialer to call from the system?

Hope this helps!

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