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Setting Up Calling In Recruit CRM
Setting Up Calling In Recruit CRM
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On our "Business Plan" calling candidates or contacts directly from Recruit CRM is easy :)

Recruit CRM uses Twilio to power our calling integration.

Please Note: The Calling integration is NOT available to users on the "Pro Plan".

You can check your current plan from here - Admin settings --> Plans & Billing

To set up your calling integration in Recruit CRM, please follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Set & verify your calling number

There are 2 ways to add the calling number to the system.

A) Through the Profile section

Go into the profile section and add your Phone number under it.


B) While making your first call:
Click on the phone number of a candidate or contact and the system will ask you to verify the number you're calling from first.

You'll receive a 6 digit verification code on your mobile number to verify your calling number.

Step 2: Buy calling credits

To start making calls through Recruit CRM, you'll have to buy credits first to make calls.

Add the credit amount by clicking on the "+" button, you can check the amount on the right side

Confirm the default payment method or add another card to make the payment.

Step 3: Calling candidate/contact

Once the number is verified and credits are added, click on the phone number of a candidate/contact and the system will open a pop-up to make a phone call

You'll see the "To" and "From" numbers along with an option to Record a call.

If you wish to record a call, switch to YES, tick the consent box to confirm, and click on the Green button to start the call.

You'll hear a calling tone and the phone will start ringing. You can take call notes on the screen, those will be added to Notes & Calls section on the record.

Once the call is over, you'll get another screen to add more details about the call.

The call type drop-down can be customized from Admin settings --> Call type customization. You can also set your default call type from here.

You'll see all the call recordings on the candidate's/contact's profile page.

You can check the prices on Twilio by clicking on the link below:

The actual cost paid by you is (local/mobile call cost + browser call cost)*1.25 and this includes us storing the call for you for as long as you use Recruit CRM.

That's about it!

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