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AI Call Transcript Generator

Automatically generate transcriptions when recording calls.

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Call Transcript Generator provides a seamless method to record, transcribe, and analyze conversations based on the transcription of calls.

This feature is available only for users on the Business plan.

Generating call transcripts

1. While making a call, turn the toggle ON for the "Record Call" option, and select the "Generate call transcript" checkbox.

2. Once your call wraps up, you'll find the recording in the "Notes & Calls" module on the right-hand side of the profile page. To obtain the transcription, click on the “View Transcript” option right next to the call recording.

3. In case you have a previously recorded call in the system, just head to the call recording, click on the "Call Transcript" button, and choose to generate the transcript by clicking on the “Generate Transcript” option on the pop-up that appears.

Navigating and consuming the transcript

1. By clicking on the “View Transcript”, you will get a pop-up with access to the complete call transcript, and you can also run a search for specific words or timecodes within it.

2. You also have the option to copy the entire transcript or export it as a .txt file.

Enhancing the call transcript with AI

1.. You can click on the AI Assist Button to:

  • Extract key points of the transcript;

  • Summarise it;

  • Improve it;

  • Generate custom prompts to tailor the generated results to your specific requirements.

2. Once the generation process of the prompt is complete, you will be presented with the following three options:

  • Copy the generated result;

  • Replace it with the call log added to the system;

  • Regenerate the result to make additional refinements.

FAQs related to the AI-Call transcript feature

Is there a duration limit for the call transcription?

The feature accommodates calls of varying lengths, with the only constraint being the size of the audio file, which should not exceed 25 MB (which equals 1 to 1.5 hours of call duration). This ensures a smooth and efficient transcription process.

What languages are supported by the transcription feature?

The transcription feature supports a wide array of languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, and many more. Click here for the complete list.

Can I transcribe the calls recorded in the past?

Absolutely! You can generate transcripts for past calls from the call logs, making sure you always have access to the information you need, whenever you need it.

How accurate is the transcription?

The Whisper ASR system is trained on a substantial amount of data, ensuring a high level of accuracy in transcription. However, the accuracy might vary based on the clarity of the audio and the language spoken.

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