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AI-Assisted Notes and Call logs
AI-Assisted Notes and Call logs

Discover how AI-Assisted notes and call logs streamline management, providing summaries and key point extraction for enhanced efficiency.

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Recruit CRM's AI-assist offers a range of features that significantly improve the way notes and call log information is handled for all entities (candidates, companies, contacts, jobs & deals).

To access these smart tools, you just have to click on the AI-Assist icon while adding your notes and call logs.

The 3 default prompts are:

  1. Summarise, to simplify the text entered.

  2. Extract key points, to identify important information and present it as concise bullet points.

  3. Improve It, to refine the original note/call log content

You can then modify the content using options such as replace, copy, or regenerate, ensuring the note/call log captures all the necessary details.

AI Assist for Call Logs

The benefits of AI-Assist extend beyond notes to call logs as well. You can create AI notes within the call log section, a dropdown menu offers the same prompts: summarise, extract key points, and improve it, ensuring a consistent and efficient process.

Adding custom prompts

You also have the ability to add custom prompts apart from the 3 default prompts. For example, by providing specific instructions like "write a summary in 30 words" the system generates a response based on the custom prompt, allowing for personalized and tailored notes.

Here's a quick video for your help:

Note: The AI-Assist feature has a monthly token limit of 1 million per user. In English, this corresponds to around 200,000-250,000 words, assuming an average word length of 5 characters. Please note that token counts may vary based on the language and content.

Hope this helps :)

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