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In Recruit CRM we give the option to link all your Notes, Call logs, Tasks, and Meetings to more than one record (candidate, company, contact, job, deals) at a time.

You can easily link any Note, Call log, Task, or Meeting you add to more than one record with our Association(s) feature for records!

To associate/link more records to a note, call log, task, or meeting added:

  1. While adding a note/ call log/ task/ meeting click on the "create associations"

2. Under "create associations" you will see a search bar where you can search and find the records you wish to link to the new note/ call log/ task/ meeting added. You can link this to existing candidates, contacts, companies, jobs and deals.

3. Once the note/ call log/ task/ meeting is successfully linked to the associated record, you will see the association(s) as shown in the image below:

4. You can also see the associated note/ call log/ task/ meeting on all the records that are linked to it.

So if you add a note on a conversation you've had with a Contact about a Candidate on the Contact's page and associate it to the Candidate's record: you will see the same note on the associated Candidate's page as well, without having to copy-paste it.

If you have more questions on this, just reach out to us using the blue chatbot on your screen 😊

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