One of the most important things a Recruitment Professional needs to do to be successful is Following up with Candidates & Clients.

Recruit CRM lets you set follow-up tasks for all your essential activities so, you don't ever miss anything even remotely important.

Recruit CRM offers you a "Create Follow-Up Task" button on pretty much every possible action like sending email, Creating Call Logs or Notes, Changing Hiring Stages Etc.

You can create follow-up tasks in following events:

1. Compose Email:

You can create a follow-up task while sending an email to candidates/contacts.

2. Changing Hiring Stage

When you move a candidate from one Hiring Stage to another, there you get an option to create a follow-up task.

3. Add Notes

It is important to add notes on candidates to let your team know what is happening. You get an option of Creating a follow-up task on every note you add for any candidate.

4. Adding Call Log
While speaking to candidate or contact you can add call notes inside the call log section and there too you can create a follow-up task

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