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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

This is a collection of articles that gives you a better understanding of features you can use to manage candidates

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How to Unassign a Candidate from a JobThis article will guide you on unassigning candidates from jobs.
How to Archive/Unarchive Jobs?This article will show you multiple ways of archiving and unarchiving jobs.
Integrating Recruit CRM with your LogicMelon accountIntegrate LogicMelon with Recruit CRM and post jobs to multiple online destinations with one click
Track the Source of Job Applicants from Multiple Platforms Using the Same Job Application URL.This article will tell you how you can track the source of your applicants who apply through the Job Application URL that you share!
Candidate questions on the job application & profile update formThis article will show how you can create pre-qualification questions and add them to job application forms for different jobs.
Sharing a formatted CV With ClientsThis article act as a guide to help you submit formatted CV's of candidates with Clients.
Parsing resumes and creating candidate/contact records from your mailboxThis article will help you parse resumes directly from your mailbox and also add contact/candidate profiles from the mailbox itself
Follow-up TasksYou can add To-Do's/Follow-up tasks for important activities so you don't miss anything!
Integrating Indeed With Recruit CRMThis article will help you post Jobs directly from Recruit CRM to your Indeed paid feed.
Parsing FailedThis article will help you understand why resume parsing can fail sometimes?
How Radius-Search Works in Recruit CRM?Search for candidates within a specific area/location using the Radius Search
How to choose which jobs are visible on your website?How to enable/disable job application forms or How to show/hide jobs on your website?
Translating External Forms For CandidatesThis article will help you translate the fields on external forms for candidates like the Job Application form to your preferred language.
How does the Resume Parser work?A quick explanation on how the resume parser works in Recruit CRM
Resume parsing on Recruit CRMOur powerful Resume Parser lets you quickly build your database by directly uploading CV's already in your computer into Recruit CRM.
Accessing The Kanban/Board/Trello view on Jobs?How can I access the Kanban view? Where is the trello board?
How can I create and access my hotlists?Creating and accessing or finding hotlists by clicking on the quick view button
Default Fields in Recruit CRMThis article will tell you about all the default fields available for candidate, company, contact, job, and deal records in Recruit CRM.
How Job Board Posting Works in Recruit CRMHow to post job on job boards?
Submit candidates to contactsYou can submit candidates assigned to jobs and also receive interviewer feedback by sharing a link in a couple of clicks.
Assigning a candidate to a jobThis article will teach you how to shortlist candidates by assigning them to specific positions.
Requesting Updated Candidate ProfilesOur "Request Profile Update" feature will help you get updated resumes/profiles directly from a candidate in two clicks.
Changing Hiring StageHiring Stage lets your team gain a better understanding of where a candidate is standing for each job.
Sharing Jobs On Social MediaShare a job on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or any other platform. Create and share links to source candidates from different channels.
Mark Candidates as UnavailableThis article will tell you how to mark candidates as unavailable within Recruit CRM.
Build your own XML feed for job boardsThis article will help you with the step-by-step process to build your own XML feed for job boards.
Bulk export files for candidatesThis article will help you bulk export resumes, job associated files, custom field files and all files at once.
How to get your jobs in Recruit CRM to show up on your LinkedIn PageThis article will help you connect your jobs posted on Recruit CRM to LinkedIn
Customizing kanban cards for clients on the online candidate listHow to customize the Kanban cards to submit candidates to clients using the online candidate list.
How to link a candidate to their current organizationYou can associate a company in your database with a candidate using the current organization field
Using candidate summary templatesA quick guide on how to create templates for candidate summaries