Recruit CRM has introduced the "Kanban View" in your job hiring pipelines to massively speed up your workflow. This feature is also popularly referred to as the "Trello Board".

We've worked very hard to make this very easy to use and save you hours of work.

Now lets get to how it works ! 

Step 1: Go to your Jobs

Step 2: Click on any Job (Make sure at least one candidate is assigned to it)

Step 3: Click on view all candidates.

Step 4: By default, you will be taken to the Kanban view but you can switch between kanban view between list view.

Step 5: Move your cards across the stages.

We trigger emails too, you can choose if you want to send any! Here is another on guide on email automation/triggers.

You can also quickly access the Kanban View by hitting the "View Candidates" from the Dashboard:

Have a great day ahead!

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