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How to set up Email Automation/Triggers?
How to set up Email Automation/Triggers?

How to set up Email Automation? How to set up Email Triggers? Where are email triggers?

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Everyone talks about improving candidate & client experience but when it comes to making efforts, we know what happens because sending emails after each and every event can be tiresome.

Recruit CRM takes away the pain by introducing email triggers or as some call it email automation! 

Here's how you can set it!

1. Go to Admin Settings & Click on Email Triggers.

​2. Click on Add Email Trigger

​3. Set your Execution Event.

Since we have two pipelines which are the Hiring pipeline (for candidates) & Sales pipeline (for contacts) you can set email automation for both.

In the example below, we will set one for a candidate.

​4. Your hiring stages will appear here, you can add more stages to this pipeline from here.

​5. Select the email template you want to use or you can create email templates from here, this article about email templates will help you create one. 

6. Select the sender from the list (from whom the email should be sent)

​7. Just make sure everything is correct and hit Save.

And that's how you set email triggers in Recruit CRM.

The system will prompt you to the email trigger when you change the hiring stage of a candidate to the one you just set.

It's done!

If you still have questions, just click on the chat icon on your bottom right and hit us with a message. 

See you around!

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