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Customize Your Hiring Pipeline And Create Multiple Hiring Pipelines
Customize Your Hiring Pipeline And Create Multiple Hiring Pipelines

Create and customize your master hiring pipeline and also add multiple custom hiring pipelines.

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Recruit CRM allows you to create a Master Hiring Pipeline and custom hiring pipelines for various jobs if your workflow involves having different hiring stages/pipelines for different kinds of job roles that you hire for.

With our Multiple Hiring Pipeline feature, we allow Pro Plan users to have a Master/default pipeline and create one custom pipeline, whereas the Business Plan users can create multiple custom pipelines.

Customizing Your Master Hiring Pipeline:

Note: Only users in Admin or Account Owner roles can perform the following actions. Users on the Business plan can also create Custom Roles with access to the Hiring Pipeline.

All stages you wish to include in your custom hiring pipelines, first need to be added to your Master Pipeline. To customize your master hiring pipeline or to create a custom hiring pipeline:

1. Go to Admin Settings > CRM Process Customization > Hiring Pipeline

2. You'll now see the Master Hiring Pipeline at the top. Click on the "Edit" button at the top-right to add new hiring stages to your pipeline:

3. Click on the blue "Add Stage" button to add a new Hiring Stage:

4. Now type the name of the new hiring stage. You can also, click on the small "=" icon next to the hiring stages to reorder the stages:

5. You will also see a checkbox with the option "Let clients use" next to each hiring stage. If you have ticked the checkbox then, once you share your online "Submit Candidate" link, your clients will be able to move the candidates across the hiring stages you have ticked

6. Click on the "x" on the right to remove hiring stages. After making all relevant additions and changes to the Hiring pipeline don't forget to hit "Submit".

Creating Custom Hiring Pipelines:

Once you have all the required hiring stages added to the Master Hiring pipeline, you can now create custom hiring pipelines. To create a custom hiring pipeline:

  1. Click on the green "Create New Hiring Pipeline" button:

2. The first step is to give a name for the new custom hiring pipeline that you create.

3. Now use the green visibility toggle to turn the visibility "On" for stages you wish to include in the custom pipeline and "Off" for ones you wish to exclude:

4. You can also reorder the hiring stages by dragging and dropping them. Once the relevant changes are made hit "Submit" to save the custom hiring pipeline.

5. You can also mark the custom pipeline created as "Default" if you wish to do so:

6. The pipeline set as "Default" will be selected as the Hiring Pipeline automatically while adding a new Job:

Choosing The Hiring Pipeline For Each Job:

All users will have the option of choosing the "Hiring Pipeline" for individual jobs while adding or editing a job.

  1. While adding a new job, the hiring pipeline marked as "Default" will be chosen automatically. You also have the option to choose the relevant hiring pipeline from the available list:

2. You can also Edit the job and change the Hiring pipeline selected.

While selecting a new pipeline when editing a Job the system will give you a warning if some of the candidates in the job are in hiring stages that are not available in the new pipeline selected:

You can then move the candidates to one of the stages available in the new pipeline selected and then make the changes.

Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out using the blue chatbot on the bottom-right if you have more questions :)

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