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Submit candidates to contacts

You can submit candidates assigned to jobs and also receive interviewer feedback by sharing a link in a couple of clicks.

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You don't have to shuffle between your CRM, ATS, or email to find and email details of your candidates to your clients.

Recruit CRM lets you send candidates you have assigned to a job to your clients in less than 3 clicks and gives them space to quickly write feedback on each candidate.

The candidate won't receive any emails when you send their application to a contact.

How to submit candidates to contacts?

1. Navigate to the Jobs list page and click on a specific job:

2. Set the visibility of the candidates and choose the fields that you want to share with the client.

Setting the visibility of the candidates in your Hiring Pipeline

You can set the visibility of all candidates to ON/OFF within the job.

Visibility ON: This means the candidate is visible in the list shared with the client.

Visibility OFF: This means the candidate is not shared with the client.

If you have too many candidates in any of the hiring stages, you can change the visibility of all the candidates to ON/OFF in just one click.

Selecting the fields that you want to share with the client

You also need to make sure you share the right fields with the client. To do that, click on the "Fields Shared with Clients" button and select the fields that you want to share.

These shared fields will only be limited to this job, if you want to select the fields shared with clients on an account level you need to go to Admin Settings --> Field Shared with Clients

3. Click on the Submit Candidates button under the 'Candidates Pipeline' tab.

3. You'll get three options:

  1. Online Candidate List

  2. Email With Attachments

  3. Executive Search Report

1. Online candidate list

This will send a link to your hiring manager with the list of candidates. A list of candidates will be submitted to the concerned contact through email.

Once you choose the "Online Candidate List" option, the system will create an email with the link that will have a list of candidates that you have made visible. You can click on the "Preview List" button to check all the fields and candidates are chosen correctly.

The shared link will look like the image below and will have an option for the client to choose between the Kanban and List view of the Candidates.

On both the Kanban and List views of the shared link, we give the option for the clients to give their feedback. The clients can change the hiring stages and add remarks as well!

You can choose the hiring stages that are available for your clients to use from Admin settings > Hiring Pipeline by checking the "Let clients use" box.

2. Email grid with attachments

This will send an email to your hiring manager with the candidate grid along with the attachment(s).

Please note that when using this option, only the initial 20 candidates will be sent, organized by the most recently updated ones.

3. Executive Search Report

This will help you generate a report of the candidates in the pipeline and you can then share this report generated via email or download the PDF file and share it.

You can select up to 100 candidates at once while generating an executive search report.

How to sort candidates in your hiring pipeline? ⬆️ ⬇️

On the job's details page, within the "Candidate Pipeline" tab, you also have sorting options to streamline your hiring process. You can easily organize candidates based on various criteria to suit your preferences:

1. Name: Alphabetically arrange candidates for quick reference.

2. Hiring Stages: Organize candidates based on their hiring stages.

3. Assigned On: Sort candidates by the date they were assigned to streamline tracking.

4. Updated On: Prioritize candidates based on the most recently updated ones for timely decisions.

5. Visibility: Arrange candidates by their visibility status, ensuring focus on relevant profiles.

You have the flexibility to choose between ascending and descending orders, tailoring the view to your specific preferences.

That’s it, you're good to go!

​🎥 A quick video tutorial

Happy Recruiting!

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