You don't have to shuffle between your CRM, ATS & Email Client to find and email details of your candidates to your clients.

With Recruit CRM, you can send candidates you have assigned to a job with clients in less than 3 clicks.

The Link you send clients will include information about all candidates you have assigned to a job and give them space to quickly write feedback on for each candidate.

To submit candidate:
Go to Jobs - Click on a specific job -

You also need to make sure you share the right fields with the client; To do that you need click on "Fields Shared with Clients" button just below the hiring stages inside the job.

And choose the fields that you want to share with the clients.

Note: These Shared fields will only be limited to this job, if you want to select the fields shared with clients on an account level you need to go to
Admin Settings --> Field Shared with Clients

Once all of this is set, Click Submit candidates - A list of candidates will be submitted to the concerned contact through email.

That’s it, You're good to go!
If you have any more questions or just want to talk about how Recruit CRM can help your recruitment firm grow faster, just send us a message. We love talking to our customers and learning about their unique stories :)

Happy Recruiting!

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