Recruit CRM lets you pitch or market candidates discreetly to multiple hiring managers/contacts without needing to assign them to a job role.

Just follow through the below steps to have a look at the workflow for the same.

Here's how you can pitch a single candidate:

1. Go to the candidate profile and click on the 3 eclipses button as shown in the image below and click on the 'Pitch Candidate To Contact'


Go to the middle of the page, and click on the Contact(s) pitched section:

2. Now you will be redirected to a page to select one or more contacts that you wish to pitch this candidate to:

3. Now, you select the contacts you want to pitch with this candidate and click on the Select fields and email contacts option (or you can mark the candidate as pitched if you already have pitched outside of Recruit CRM):

4. Select the candidate fields (including file/document fields) you wish to share with the contact, and then click on the "Generate Email" button:

5. You can now see an email is generated with the fields you selected, ready to be sent to contacts you selected, individually (System sends an individual email to each contact in the "To" section so they never know you're doing this as a mass email):

Now, this can also be done with multiple candidates from the list view by just ticking candidates & clicking on the "Pitch Candidate(s)" button that appears.

6. Once you have pitched the candidate(s), you will be able to track this pitch on both the candidates & contacts profile

Candidate Profile:

This also has a timestamp with the name of the user who made the pitch to keep you organized.

Contact profile

On a contact profile where you have pitched candidate(s), you'll see information as shown below:

Note: To learn about the Pitch candidate(s) stage Pipeline, click here to view an article about it

7. Once you have received a status update from contact(s) about the candidate(s) pitched to them, you can then change the Pitch candidate stage to keep the candidate profile updated and ready to be pitched to other contacts:

8. You can click on the stage value (example: Pitched) and get the option to change the stage based on the options you've customized in your system, You also can leave a Note/Remark/Feedback for future reference.

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