Conveniently email your candidates & contacts directly from Recruit CRM. Once you're done setting up your email, you can send emails with just a click:

  1. You can start emailing no matter what Recruit CRM page you're on from this "Compose email" button at the top-

    2. Click on the name of the record on the list page. Once the Profile opens, click on the Email ID like this-

3. You can also store & click on additional/secondary email id's on records in a Custom Field with a field type as "Email ID", & expect the same email pop-up. like this-

Apart from these, the mailbox is always available to help you compose emails. You also save out emails as Email Templates, add attachments & either Send them out or save them as a draft by clicking on "Save Draft" to be sent later!

All Sent Emails will be tracked for opens you can view them on the conversation page or on the candidate details page as well.

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Now back to coffee :)

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