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Bulk emailing candidates/contacts
Bulk emailing candidates/contacts

Learn how to send bulk emails to candidates or contacts.

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Sending emails one by one can become very time-consuming. To help you save time we've built a simple bulk email feature :)

📧 How to bulk email candidates/contacts?

1. Navigate to the candidates/contacts list page and select the candidates/contacts to whom you want to send an email.

2. Select 'Email' from the available options on the header bar.

3. Compose your email, you can also use email templates and add placeholders to make the email more personalized.

When composing an email, you can select from which connected email you wish to send the email:

NOTE: 2 email connection is only available for users in the Business Plan. The feature is currently in Beta and will be gradually released to all users.

4. Click on "Send".

Upon clicking the Send button, the system will automatically send separate emails to each recipient listed in the "To" section ensuring that no recipient will see other recipients on the list.

💼 How to bulk email candidates within a specific job?

1. Navigate to your Jobs list page and click on your desired job.

2. Click on the 'View All' button under the 'Candidate Pipeline' tab.

3. By default, you will be taken to the Kanban view but you can switch between the Kanban view and the list view.

4. Select the desired candidates and click on the 'Compose Email' option from the available options on the header bar:

5. Compose your email and click 'Send'.

🤖 Use AI to compose emails

You can use Recruit CRM's AI assist to draft emails and replies to your candidates and clients. Whether you're starting a new email or responding to one, our AI tool helps you communicate effectively and efficiently.

👉 Here's how you can do this:

Open the pop-up to compose an email. In it, you'll see an option called "AI Assist".

Once you click on it, you'll have different possibilities to use the AI to compose an email. Let's go through all of them:

  • You can select from one of our ready-made suggestions to immediately draft an email:

  • You can type in a prompt to indicate the topics you wish the AI to write about:

  • You can also use voice commands to speak your prompt by clicking on the microphone icon. You can select from one of our nine supported languages.

  • You can select the tone of the email from formal, casual, friendly or neutral.

Users can include placeholders in the emails, however, we recommend replacing the AI-generated placeholders with the placeholder from the dropdown to avoid potential errors. Please refer to the video for more context.

AI Assist FAQs

What languages does this feature support?

The AI-Assisted Email Template Creation feature currently supports the following languages:

  • English

  • Deutsch

  • Français

  • Dutch

  • Español

  • Português

  • Japanese

  • Finnish

Is there any limit on this feature?

The AI-Assist feature has a monthly token limit. Users on the free plan will get 50k/user/month, while users on a paid subscription get 1 million/user/month.

What happens if I reach the token limit?

If users reach the token limit, the AI-assist features will stop generating new content until the next monthly cycle begins. If that happens, you will get this error:

Oops! It seems you have exhausted your 1 million token limit for this month. It will be restored on {date}

Why do placeholders need to be updated by the user?

Recruit CRM placeholders have a specific format, like {candidate_name}, {candidate_city}, etc. However, AI may generate different results in terms of placeholders, such as [candidate_fullname], or {{candidate-name}}, etc.

Therefore, users are advised to update the placeholders using the placeholder dropdown to avoid issues. If placeholders are incorrectly added, they will not work.

🔍 How many bulk emails can be sent at a time?

While Recruit CRM allows you to send an email shot to 500 candidates/contacts at a time, it is important to understand that most email service providers (like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) impose certain restrictions on the number or volume of emails that can be sent in a single batch AND/OR within a day.

It's advisable to keep your email batches relatively small, typically no more than 30 to 50 emails at a time, based on the restrictions set by your email service providers.

After sending each batch, we recommend waiting for a 20 to 30-minute interval before dispatching the next set of emails.

This strategy can lower the risk of your email account being flagged by your service provider, thus reducing the chances of these emails landing in the spam folder of your candidates or contacts.

If your emails are still going to the SPAM/JUNK folder of your recipients, please turn Off the Email Tracking Pixel from the Profile Settings.

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