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Bulk Emailing Candidates & Contacts
Bulk Emailing Candidates & Contacts

Send bulk emails to candidates or contacts

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Sending emails one by one can become very time-consuming. This takes up the time that can be used to do more productive things like talking to clients & candidates. To help you save time we've built a simple bulk email feature :)

Open the candidates/contacts page, you will see a list of all your candidates/contacts, select the candidates to whom you want to send an email.

This will show you all the available options that can be performed on these selected candidates on the header bar itself.

Select “Email”, compose your email, and click send.

You can also use Email Templates and Placeholders to make the email more personalized.

When you hit the Send button, the system will send a separate email to each person in the “To” section ensuring that nobody will see other recipients on the list.

You can also send bulk emails to candidates within the specific job using the Kanban Board.

  • Go to Dashboard

  • Choose a job from the list and click on the "View Candidates" button

  • Check if you are on List view or Kanban view

  • Tick the checkbox on the hiring stage to select all the candidates in that stage (keep scrolling on the hiring stage till you get a message "That's all the candidates in this stage :)")

  • Hit the Compose Email button to open the email pop-up

  • Write your own email using placeholders or choose an email template from the drop-down.

If your emails are going to the SPAM/JUNK folder of your recipients, please turn Off the Email Tracking Pixel from the Profile Settings.

That’s it!

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