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This article will help you change your profile settings.

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Setting Up Your Profile Section

You can change the following settings from your Recruit CRM profile section.

  1. Profile Picture

  2. Registered Email

  3. Default Timezone

  4. Default Currency

Let's go to the profile section by clicking on the face icon at the top right corner of your screen and hitting “Profile”.

1. Changing your Recruit CRM Profile Picture

  • You’ll see a blank image on the left side of your screen, click on the image to upload a profile picture for your Recruit CRM account.

2. Changing your Registered Email ID

  • Click on the “Email” section to change your registered email.

  • Remove the existing email and type your new email

3. Changing your default Timezone

  • Select the appropriate time zone from the “Timezone” drop-down

  • Hit the Save Profile button to save the changes

4. Changing your default Currency

  • You can have your preferred currency as a default currency from the drop-down.

  • This will automatically take it as a default currency wherever required in Recruit CRM.

Please Note: You can also have separate currency for each candidate and each job. You can change that by going inside the candidate's profile or inside that job.

5. Changing your Recruit CRM account password

6. Turning Off Email Reminders

7. Turning Off Email Tracking Pixel

  • This feature will help you manage your email tracking within Recruit CRM. If it is ON, Recruit CRM will add a tracking pixel in your email body. And if it is OFF, then the system won't add a tracking pixel.

  • If the emails that are sent from Recruit CRM are going to the SPAM/JUNK folder of your recipient, turn this tracking pixel OFF to avoid emails going to SPAM/JUNK.

That's about it!

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