In Recruit CRM, you can replace fields of your choice on profile pages.
Recruit CRM gives you the ability to choose fields of your choice on the details page of all record types.

"We are using the candidate profile page as an example below, but the rules are common across all record types (candidate/contact/jobs)"

To set fields of your choice, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to a candidate's profile from the Candidate list page

Step 2: Select any field which you do not want in the profile section. (E.g. in this case, I am considering "Current Salary")

Step 3: Click on Pencil Icon in front of the field which you want to replace.

Step 4:
Select a field from a drop-down, and click Replace. This field will replace the old field. (I have chosen "Full Address" in this case)

Here's a short video on how to do it!

Hope this helps!

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