Want to share a candidate's CV/Resume with your company's formatting with your client?
While Recruit CRM does not have a native CV/Resume formatting tool yet, We do give you a simple way to do this!

Follow the 3 simple steps below to get started:

Step 1: Creating a custom field

 a) Go to "Admin Settings"

 b) Click on "Candidate Fields" under Data Customisation

 c) Click on a Green button/Blue Button  "New Custom Fields" On your right

 d) Name the new custom field something like "Formatted CV" and set the
 "field type" to File and don't forget to hit Save Field button

 e) Make sure that on the left side, the "Visibility" of the "Formatted CV" field is set to "ON"

Step 2: Make this field visible on candidate profile pages

 a) Go to a candidate's profile from the Candidate list page.

 b) Select any field which you do not want in the profile section (E.g. in this case, I am considering "Current Salary")

 c) Click on Pencil Icon to the right of the field you want to replace.

 d) Select "Formatted CV" field from a drop-down, and click Replace. This field will replace the old field.

 e) To upload a formatted CV, click on the Pencil Icon to the right of the empty file icon.

 f) The changes made on one profile page will reflect on all other candidate profile pages.

Step 3: Make this field visible for client

 a) Go to "Admin Settings"

 b) Click on "Fields Shared With Clients"

 c) Tick the "Formatted CV" checkbox and Untick the "Resume" checkbox if you do not want to share their actual CV

 d) Hit the "Save Settings" button

Once you are done, click on the "Submit Candidate" button inside any job to submit candidates to clients.

Hope that helps!

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