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Requesting Updated Candidate Profiles
Requesting Updated Candidate Profiles

Our "Request Profile Update" feature will help you get updated resumes/profiles directly from a candidate in two clicks.

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Do you feel the need to update your candidate database? Or do you wish to request an updated CV from the candidate?

You can do this directly from Recruit CRM with a few clicks. All you have to do is go to a candidate's profile and you will see a button that says "Request Updated Profile" on their profile as shown in the image below:

Once you click on it, the system triggers an email to be sent to the candidate with a link (URL), which will lead the candidate to an online form that they can fill in to submit their updated details, which then directly get updated in your system in real-time.

You can also request updated profiles from multiple candidates at once. On the candidates' page, you will see a list of all your candidates; select the candidates (click on the checkbox to the left) whose data you want to update. You can send an email to multiple candidates at the same time, with the link to update profiles.

[video-to-gif output image]

Click on the Request Profile Update option on the top and this will trigger an email to all the selected candidates. 

Don't worry! Each person in the "To" section is sent as an individual email thread so that the receiver perceives it as a personal message.

Editing email template for requesting updated profiles

You can edit your Profile Update Request email template here: Standard Email Templates.

Note: Please do not create a new template for the same as the URL for the profile update request will only be generated using the "Request Updated Profile" button and the standard email (which can be edited).

Note: Do not remove {URL} from the standard email template body.

The candidate will get a link to a page where they can update their details, which are then updated on your system, in real-time once they click the "Submit" option. The link only expires after the candidate submits the updated profile, on the link.

Customize Profile Update Request Form

You can customize the labels & fields on the form and also make certain fields mandatory as well. To do this, go to Admin Settings > Profile Update Form Settings:

From "General Page Settings" click on the edit button to edit the labels of buttons and links. Now switch to the "Profile Update Form Field Settings" tab to choose the fields made visible on the form:

Turn the toggle "On" to make the field visible and you can also make certain fields "Required".

You can also add options to add language and the respective proficiency level to the form.

You can add one or multiple default languages to the form by updating the field values.

On the form, candidates will have to define a proficiency level for the default languages added. They can also edit the proficiency level for the language already added to their profile in your database.

Further, in case, there are no default languages added to the form, then, candidates can add multiple languages and define the proficiency level for each of them.

Here's a video showcasing how the Profile Update feature works within Recruit CRM

If you have any questions about this, please use the chatbox on the right-hand side and Send us a Message

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