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Social Profile Links - Candidates/Companies/Contacts
Social Profile Links - Candidates/Companies/Contacts

Adding social profile links to your candidates, companies & contacts

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just go to a candidate's or contact's social media profile to learn more about them? We've built a way for you to keep track of their social profiles from Recruit CRM.

To add social profile links to a record, you have to go to that specific record and click on the pencil icon to edit. 

A form will open and in that form, if you scroll down, you can see social profile fields where you can paste the link. Currently, we offer Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing, and GitHub.

Paste the links and click on submit to finish adding social profile links!

P.S. You can alter the visibility of the social profile links. For example: If you only want to see the Xing profile and the LinkedIn profile and the rest (Twitter, Facebook, GitHub) is not relevant to your workflow, you can choose not to have them on the edit candidate form.

To do this: First head to the Admin Settings >>> Under Data Customisation you'll find the Candidate fields >>> Scroll down to Social Profile Links >>> Turn the toggle off for the fields that you do not wish to see on the Candidate Profile >>> Don't forget to save the changes!

For more details on changing the visibility of fields for your entire team in Recruit CRM- Click here

That’s it! If you have any questions, You can message us anytime through the chat icon on your bottom right, we will be more than happy to help you out!
Happy Recruiting!

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