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Showing & Hiding data fields Across forms (Candidate/Company/Contact/Job) from admin settings
Showing & Hiding data fields Across forms (Candidate/Company/Contact/Job) from admin settings

This article will help you change the visibility of fields for your entire team in Recruit CRM.

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Recruit CRM is designed to be extremely customizable and give you the ability to choose the fields you want to make visible inside the account.

Changes made in the visibility of data fields through "Admin Settings" will be reflected in Add/Edit Forms, Lists & Profile Page of Candidates/Companies/Contacts/Jobs.

You can make changes in your data fields by following the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the "Admin Settings" icon

Step 2: Click on any button under the "Data Customisation" section

Step 3: Toggle between the data fields of your choice set the visibility of fields as "ON" or "OFF" and mark the fields as "Required" or "Not Required."

Step 4: You will be able to see all fields set to "visible" on your List Pages (Candidates/Companies/Contacts/Jobs). An example of the Candidate List Page is below:

You'll see all the fields here which you made visible in Admin Settings.

Then, you can select fields that you want to be seen on your List Pages.

You can also rearrange the order of selected fields by dragging the fields Up or Down.

These changes will also appear in "Application forms" and "Profile Pages".

You can access all application forms just by clicking the " + " button at the top right.

Inside the add/edit forms, you'll only see the fields that you made visible in admin settings.

These same changes will also be reflected inside your Profile Pages: 

You can then change the order of fields to your liking by just clicking on the pencil icon that will appear when you move your mouse over any field. That will replace the existing field with the new field of your choice.

You can rearrange all fields visible on each page (Candidates/Companies/Contacts/Jobs) in an order of your choice.

That's about it!

Hope this helps :)

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