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Linking Candidates & Contacts That Are The Same Person
Linking Candidates & Contacts That Are The Same Person

Sometimes a candidate can become a client or vice versa

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In Recruitment, often you may find yourself in situations where a candidate becomes a client or a client becomes a candidate!

In such cases, Recruit CRM lets you do 2 things:

  1. Link an existing candidate with an existing contact where both records are actually the same person.

  2. Create a candidate out of a Contact or Vice Versa

Once you’ve linked the records, you can then access and view the associated “Linked Record” from both candidate and contact profiles.

We have full screenshots below to show you how this works. To link two Records:

Go to a Candidate or Contact Record: Click on the "Link To Contact/Candidate" button.

For Candidate record:

For Contact record:

If the Candidate or Contact record you wish to link is already in the system you can search for it or you can just hit the blue "Add Contact" or "Add Candidate" button to create a new record and automatically link it.

Once you hit the green "Link Contact" or "Link Candidate" button in the popup the 2 records will be linked.

If you have more queries, just reach out to us using the chatbot in the bottom right corner!

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