In Recruitment, Many times you'll find yourself in situations where a candidate becomes a client or a client becomes a candidate!

Recruit CRM let you do 2 things here:

  1. Link an existing candidate with an existing contact where both records are actually the same person.

  2. Create a candidate out of a Contact or Vice Versa

Either of the above options will let you see the associate "Linked Record" on either profiles.

We have a full screenshots below to show you how this works:

Go to a Candidate or Contact Record: Click on the "Link To Contact/Candidate" button.

Contact Record:

Then either search for the candidate or contact if its already in the system or hit the blue "Add Contact" or "Add Candidate" button to create a new record and automatically linking it.

Once you hit the green "Link Contact" or "Link Candidate" button in the popup the 2 records will be linked.

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