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Texting Candidates/Contacts in RecruitCRM
Texting Candidates/Contacts in RecruitCRM

Text/SMS your candidates/contacts directly from RecruitCRM

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Send messages to your Candidates/Contacts in Recruit CRM on our Business plan. We use Twilio to power our texting integration.

Important notes:

1. The texting feature is currently available only for the following countries: USA, UK, ISRAEL, HONG KONG, CANADA, & SWEDEN. It allows for sending messages within the country, international messaging is currently disabled.

2. The Calling & Texting integration is NOT available to users on the "Pro Plan". You can check your current plan from here - Admin settings --> Plans & Billing

3. To send a text message, Recruit CRM requires you to obtain the consent of the message recipient and agree to Twilio's new messaging policy.

4. US-based clients first need to register with Twilio to start texting. Here's how you can do this

5. Users in the UK are required to complete a KYC form in order to use the texting feature. Texting will only be available after the KYC form is submitted and approved. ➡️ Learn more about KYC here.

1. Buying credits for texting

You will need to purchase credits to send and receive messages. You can do this from Admin Settings >>> Phone Calling & SMS Settings

Now click on the green "Buy Calling Credits" button to add calling & texting credits.

You can check the texting price on Twilio from here:

2. Set up a Texting number and Messaging Candidates/Contacts

  • Once you have bought the credits, your account is all set for texting. As and when you hit the "send text message" button, a number is auto-assigned from the backend for texting, for your entire account based on your geographical location- this means that all the users on the same account get assigned the same texting number.

    A token fee is charged for the number which varies from country to country. Example: The US and Canada charge $1 per month as a token fee for the texting number.

  • To send an SMS to a Candidate/Contact, click on the phone number to see the "send text message" icon. Now click on the icon to open the Text Message Window.

  • Once you click on this you will have the following three options:

    1) Send Text Message

    2) View all messages

    3) Open Whatsapp in New Tab

  • Click on the "Send Text Message" option to send a new message. Before sending the text message, you'll first need to ask for the consent of the person you're contacting.

  • Select the "Request consent through email" option to send the link for the consent form.

  • After the Candidate/Contact has given their consent, when you click on the "Send Text Message" option, you'll be redirected to the chat where you can send and receive messages.

  • You can create and use SMS templates and insert Placeholders to make your messages more personalized. You can also see the charges applied for the SMS you send within the same window.

Only Admins and Account Owners can create SMS templates by default, but Account Owners also create custom roles with access to SMS templates. You can create new templates from SMS Templates inside your Mailbox.

  • You can view all the text messages with a Candidate/Contact in the Messages tab on their profile:

4. Sending Whatsapp Messages:

Once you click on the "Send Text Message" icon we also give an option to "Open Whatsapp in New Tab".

You'll be directed to a new WhatsApp window where you can send WhatsApp messages directly to the Contact/Candidate you have selected:

If you have not linked your device with WhatsApp Web you will be asked to do this:

Once you've linked your device you can send WhatsApp messages! There are no extra charges for WhatsApp messaging, it applies only to SMS texts.

Note: The Whatsapp messages sent and received will not be recorded under the "Messages" tab of the record. Only SMS texts through RecruitCRM will be added there.

Twilio A2P Messaging Registration

The registration is only necessary for US-based clients.

To ensure that SMS messages are reliably received by consumers, U.S. carriers have established A2P messaging channels, such as shortcodes, toll-free numbers, and A2P 10DLC.

Every agency using Twilio to send SMS through Recruit CRM must comply with these messaging services by registering through a Google Form and paying a registration fee based on their usage.

The registration fee for most users falls under the "Standard Campaign," "Low Volume," or "Mixed Campaign" categories, which can cost up to $15.5 per month (Related Article) depending on the services they wish to avail.

This will be charged to your registered card on file with us. Regarding the candidates’ and contacts’ consent, we’ll be creating a medium within Recruit CRM, so an email can be triggered to collect the consent for sending SMS.

The verification process for registration typically takes one to two weeks due to Twilio's three-stage process for ensuring compliance.

Twilio's KYC form for UK users

The KYC form is only required for UK-based customers

To protect consumers from fraud, spam, and bad actors Twilio has implemented a Know Your Customer (KYC) policy. These mandatory regulations require businesses and organizations to submit their KYC information and become verified by the local authorities before they can begin texting or calling their customers.

Every agency based in the UK that wishes to send SMS messages through Recruit CRM must comply with Twilios guidelines by filling in the KYC form. Users will not be able to use the texting feature until the KYC process is completed and approved by Twilio.

You can fill in the KYC form inside Recruit CRM under Phone Calling & SMS settings.

The evaluation process can take 1-2 weeks. You will receive an email notification once Twilio approves your KYC registration.

You can also check the status of your form in the KYC tab.

If you have more questions on this, do not hesitate to reach out to us using the blue chatbot on the bottom-right of your screen :)

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