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Texting Laws and Consent in Recruit CRM
Texting Laws and Consent in Recruit CRM

This article will give you guidelines about what you'll need to consider before texting your candidates/clients.

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Recruit CRM allows business plan users to directly send messages to Candidates/Contacts. We use Twilio to power our texting integration.

To send a text message, Recruit CRM requires you to obtain the consent of the message recipient and agree to Twilio's new Messaging Policy and Carrier Penalties for Non-Compliant Messaging.

Twilio's Messaging Policy

An important intent of this step is to make sure that messages are sent with the consent of the message recipient, and that those messages comply with applicable laws, communications industry guidelines or standards, and measures of fairness and decency.

Twilio treats all messaging transmitted via Twilio’s platform as Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging. All A2P messages originating from Twilio are subject to this Messaging Policy, which covers rules and /or prohibitions regarding:

This policy applies to all our customers who use our texting feature as we integrate texting with Twilio.

U.S. Carrier Penalties for Non-Compliant Messaging

U.S. carriers have created A2P messaging channels, such as shortcodes, Toll-Free numbers, and 10-digit long codes (A2P 10DLC) in order to give senders a sanctioned channel for messaging that will ensure consumers reliably receive wanted messages. A failure to comply with carrier requirements may be subject to carrier penalties.

T-Mobile Penalties for Non-Compliant Messaging

Content Violation

Content violating carrier policies – as reflected in Twilio's Acceptable Use Policy and/or Messaging Policy – includes spam, phishing, and SHAFT violations (Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco).

Fee: $10,000 per violation

Messaging Program Evasion

Using filtering evasion techniques, such as snowshoeing and recycling numbers (releasing/purchasing new numbers), to dilute number reputation.

Fee: $1,000 Fine

This article has provided information about the law designed to help Recruit CRM's users better understand the legal issues surrounding texting. Legal information is not the same as legal advice, the application of the law to an individual's specific circumstances.

Recruit CRM insists that you consult a lawyer if you want professional assurance that our information, and your interpretation of it, is accurate.

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