To Setup your Talent Pool page:

  • Customize your Talent Pool Page Appearance from here

  • Set the Page Title & Form Title here

  • Set button text and label text from here

You can also choose the fields in your Talent Pool form.

  • Set the link name according to your choice.

- Paste the given iframe code on your website to integrate this page

- Set an automated email (Thank you email) for candidates that apply using this link. (Read Article)

Add your Company Logo (Allowed File types: jpeg, png, jpg)  and Cover Image to customize your Talent Pool Page. You can set the Page Title as well as the Form Title.

Write a Description in any language that will be visible to the candidates.

Click on Save Field Setting to save the changes. These changes will reflect on your Talent Pool Page.

When a candidate applies through a Talent Pool Page, you'll get a notification inside Recruit CRM in the Notification section. Also, you can view all the applicants in the Quick View section on the Candidate list page.

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