To Setup your Talent Pool page:

Go to Admin settings - Click on Talent Pool Page Settings

- Set the link name according to your choice.

- Paste the given iframe code on your website to integrate this page

- Set an automated email (Thank you email) for candidates that apply using this link. (Read Article)

Add your Company Logo (Allowed File types: jpeg, png, jpg)  and Cover Image to customize your Talent Pool Page. You can set the Page Title as well as the Form Title.

Write a Description in any language that will be visible to the candidates.

You can also choose the fields in your Talent Pool form.

Click on Save Field Setting to save the changes. These changes will reflect on your Talent Pool Page.

When a candidate applies through a Talent Pool Page, you'll get a notification inside Recruit CRM in the Notification section. Also, you can view all the applicants in the Quick View section on the Candidate list page.

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