Writing the same message over and over again sucks, it feels completely tedious and an absolute waste of your time. We've built our powerful Email Template generator that you can use to create custom messages to send to all your candidates and clients.

Recruit CRM also lets you add custom "placeholders" to your emails that automatically pick up specific values like a candidates/contacts name or company to give your message a more personal touch. Also, if you want to add same placeholder multiple times, you can copy the placeholder and paste it in the email body multiple times at different places.

There are 2 kinds of Email Templates in Recruit CRM:

  1. System Templates: These templates are triggered on specific events like you using the "Request Updated Resume". For now, You cannot update these templates but can edit the message sent each time these templates are triggered.
  2. Candidate Templates: These templates are created by you and can include candidate placeholders.
  3. Contact Templates: These templates are created by you and can include contact placeholders.

To create a new Candidate or Contact email template go to Email templates and click on the "Add Email Template" button on the bottom right. 

Template Related To: Choose whether this template is related to the system, or a candidate, a user, a contact. 

(Placeholders will be populated with reference to what you select here)

Email Context: This will give you a description about the email template.

Email Subject: The email subject of an email.

Share Template: This enables you to share your templates with your teammates. 

Placeholders: Choosing placeholders will populate details related to that record.

Once designed the template you wanted, just click on Add. You will now be able to access this template whenever you choose to send an email to candidates/contacts.

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